Friday, April 20, 2007

Recklessly Risking Absurdity

People in the throes of blind rage or emotional overload risk absurdity without thought. We have all been in the position where we say ridiculous, unsupported things in the heat of an argument. Afterwards, when we regroup, we may apologize or feel a sense of shame for having made such reckless comments. If we are somewhat mentally stable and emotionally grounded, we may reconstruct our arguments and accept the fact that our reality is not necessarily shared by others.

In the case of Lauren Key's untimely death (that was likely murder, in my opinion and that of the prosecutors, law enforcement and the members of the jury of the first trial), the Kaldis Kooks - Ted and his sister, Patty (the star-struck twins as it were), persist in recklessly risking absurdity long after the passion of any given conflict has passed. Months after threads on Usenet have become buried in newer topics; years after the sting of Cam's paternity suit and rejection by his lover; years after the shock of his arrest for murder and the subsequent humiliation of his prosecution; and now almost a year since the first murder trial where twelve people could not agree to the degree of murder - Ted and Patty (and their sock puppets) continue to eschew the facts, peddle myth, impugn the reputations of everyone involved in the prosecution, insult the only remaining people in Cyberspace who bother to debate with them, and defame (with ad hom attacks) anyone who dares disagree with their version of events that includes more than an alarming measure of paranoia.

Yes, that was a very long sentence. Sue me.

Among a plethora of examples of the Kaldis Reckless Absurdity, let's go back in time to the early days of my involvement in this case in July 2005. I was fresh from the Peterson case with more than a passing acquaintance with Mark Geragos's modus operandi. Admittedly, my interest in the Brown case was originally sparked by Geragos's involvement. I never pretended otherwise.

However, after learning more about the case, my sympathy for the victim and her mother became much more personal. After all, I had a daughter the same age as Lauren Key, and her name is even Lauren. I was in Sarah Key's position where I had a baby without marrying the father; I've had to chase child support. I've had to negotiate visitation and custody issues; I've had to deal with a pathologically jealous replacement female who is obsessed with me and my daughter and has made a bizarre career out of defaming me and attempting to harm me or take my daughter from me.

Needless to say, the parallels were eerily significant.

Meanwhile, knowing my way around the custody and child support block, so to speak, many of Ted's (and later Patty's) claims about this case smacked of total absurdity. When I presented the problems I saw with the alleged custody suit, Ted aligned himself with a group of nutcase detractors and conspired with them to publicly defame me rather than argue the merits of his sister's alleged maternal superiority to Sarah Key. Needless to say, this proved to be their strategy to this day.

Similarly, their claims of love and devotion to this child were belied by their actions, the reality of their involvement in Lauren's life (certainly Ted's involvement was peripheral at best), and their obvious, collossal ignorance of all things related to a 4-year old girl.

Sure, I can trot out the fact that I have first-hand experience with three 4-year old daughters, and that I was once a 4-year old girl (which only half of the Kaldis Klan can claim, albeit a half century ago), and that I know quite a bit about "shared parenting" laws and how visitation works and that Patty Kaldis had no legal standing when it came to Lauren. I also know a little bit about voodoo and witchcraft and recognize the paraphernalia when I see it. I also know more than I need to about Christianity and the Bible, one of Ted's most absurd references among a cornucopia of hypocrisy.

Rather than bullet point the countless incidents of absurdity demonstrated by the Kaldis Kooks, long after such argument would be excusable by passion, outrage, ignorance or temporary insanity, I believe it's safe to conclude that most (if not all) of the arguments, theories, accusations and incredible presumptions postied by the Kooks over the past 2 years (and I'm sure prior, but I wasn't around for that) could be categorized as Reckless Absurdity.

In other words, not only are most (if not all) of their statements absurd on their face - they are recklessly absurd: easily proven false, totally without any substantive proof, unrealistic to the point of ludicrousness, blatant lies, or just plain stupid.

Thus, not worth much of anyone's time or trouble to debate. Organizing my spice cabinet is a better use of my time.