Thursday, July 27, 2006

The Narcissist's Playbook for Grief

We are all familiar with The Narcissist's Handbook of Romance, but recently, an exciting discovery in the locked steamer trunk of a recently deceased card-carrying narcissist uncovered a rare, slim, yellowed volume of instructions entitled, The Narcissist's Playbook for Grief. Unfortunately, the musty pages were water damaged and began to disintegrate upon inspection, but we were able to salvage several partial passages for scientific evaluation.

Obviously written by a fellow narcissist, the playbook offers atrocious advice to its members, which may account for why so many suspects of crimes we have observed over the years have behaved in such inappropriate ways. For example, the Handbook recommends the following activities upon learning that your loved one has "disappeared" or died:
  • Obstruct the investigation by obtaining defense counsel immediately, refuse a polygraph, demand a search warrant, and immediately become unavailable and incommunicado, even if that means residing in a Motel 6 or living in your vehicle until the heat dies down.

  • Be sure to keep in touch with your star "witnesses" by continuing to call them, even during vigils, funerals, press conferences, and interviews. They will be particularly sympathetic to your plight if you maintain the role of victim.

  • Keep your appearance impeccable by insisting on manicures, a new wardrobe, makeovers, and hair coloring.

  • Always keep on hand a sizeable amount of cash to avoid having to go to banks or use your credit cards that would leave a paper trail of your purchases.

  • Liquidate the missing (or dead) loved one's property wherever feasible for ready cash or to replace it with something for yourself. You deserve it.

  • Enjoy your life! Eat, drink and be merry! Continue your recreational pursuits. You are entitled to the finest things in life. Your missing/dead loved one would not want you to mope.

  • Remodel the loved one's room into a den or extra storage space as soon as possible. There is no reason for that room to go to waste or become a shrine.

  • Have friends and family organize fund-raisers for the investigation with all the proceeds going to your private account to which you have easy access.
    Treat yourself to a vacation and some new jewelry as a reward for your psychological stress.

  • When you suspect you are being targeted as the offending party, or just before a court-ordered appearance, book a flight to South America, Mexico, Canada, or France, or anywhere extradition will be difficult. You can safely enjoy your well-deserved freedom for years.

  • Conduct selected interviews with carefully crafted questions and answers that emphasize your innocence. Should you be camera-shy, hire a public relations specialist to speak on your behalf, or enlist your brother-in-law to take up your cause in News Groups.

  • Last, but not least, hire Mark Geragos as your criminal defense attorney. This will signal your absolute, factual innocence to the public.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Cameron Brown 911 Call Exerpt on KFI John & Ken Show 7-10-06

Cameron Brown calling 911 after Lauren Key-Marer (his 4-year old biological daughter) allegedly fell from Inspiration Point (picture on screen). He's telling the nude bathers that 'someone is coming' and they might want to get dressed. Notice the chuckle when he says:

"Yeah, I told him that. You guys, you guys might want to get dressed so, huh, they're gonna be coming." (chuckle)

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Cameron Brown 9-1-1 Transcript Exerpts

Excerpts from the 9-1-1 call Cameron Brown made to Los Angeles Communication Center on November 8, 2000:

911 OPERATOR: 9-1-1 emergency, what are you reporting?

BROWN: Um, my daughter fell off a cliff in Palos Verdes

OPERATOR: Where, where at in Palos Verdes?

BROWN: Uh, Portuguese Bend.

OPERATOR: Sir, you down at San Pedro area?

BROWN: No, not San Pedro. It’s Palos Verdes area.

OPERATOR: O. Port – is there cross streets where they get across from?

BROWN: Uh, no cross streets, god. Wayfarer’s Chapel, in Inspiration Point. That area.

OPERATOR: Ok, um, ok.

BROWN: Uh, the sun bathing beach, uh…

MALE VOICE: Abalone Cove

BROWN: Abalone Cove. I parked at Abalone Cove parking lot and hiked. So, I hiked (inaudible).

OPERATOR: Ok, one second, one second please, alrighty?

BROWN: Ok. Oh, shit, oh, man, oh, thanks for letting me use your phone.

OPERATOR: How, how bad is she? Is she –

BROWN: I don’t know. I haven’t gone down and found her. I just found somebody with a phone and called you first. Now, I’m going to look.

OPERATOR: Ok. Be careful, be careful, be careful.

BROWN: I’ll have to backtrack to get down.

MALE VOICE: (inaudible)

BROWN: Yeah, well, no, you need shoes.

MALE VOICE: I got some.

BROWN: Mine?

MALE VOICE: (inaudible)

BROWN: Yeah. Yeah, I told him that. You guys, you guys might want to get dressed so, huh, they’re gonna be coming.

VOICE: What?

BROWN: I don’t know. I had to come back this way. I couldn’t see her.

OPERATOR: Ok, I’m gonna put you at, um, I see where Portuguese Bend is. I’m gonna put it on Palos Verdes, um, south, um, you’re gonna be west off Cherry Hilll, so hold on one second.

BROWN: Ok. (Inaudible) somebody’s gonna be coming so, huh (laughing), sorry.

OPERATOR: What is your name, sir?

BROWN: Cameron Brown.

911 OPERATOR: How old is your daughter?


(Later in the call after the fire department has been informed) –

VOICE: Ok, now, uh, what seems to be the problem?

BROWN: My daughter fell off a cliff in Palos Verdes.

VOICE: Ok, how far down did she go, approximately?

BROWN: Oh, I don’t know. That’s really far. A hundred yards.

FEMALE VOICE: Uh, yards?

BROWN: Yeah, looks like.

VOICE: Ok, sir, let me confirm this. Palos Verdes Drive, cross is Cherry Hill Lane…

911 OPERATOR: Actually, he said he’s at the, um, at the Portuguese Bend area which is Portuguese Point.

MALE VOICE: Right, I got Portuguese Point. I have Inspiration Point. All of that…

911 OPERATOR: Yeah.

BROWN: The sunbathing beach.

MALE VOICE: Sun bathing beach?

BROWN: Yeah, you know, where the nude bathers go. I don’t know.

OPERATOR: He accessed from Abalone Cove, is where he parked.


OPERATOR: Are you closer to Inspiration Point or Portuguese Point?

MALE VOICE: Do you know which one you’re closer to?

BROWN: (Inaudible) points are. I, you know, I don’t know. I’m in between, right now, the sun bathing beach and I’m on the east point. She fell of the east point from there… by the firing range. Yeah, by the archery range. I borrowed this phone and every time I move, it cuts off. I’m standing here and he’s, he, the guy I borrowed the phone from, he went down to look.


MALE VOICE: We’re gonna have units on their way.

BROWN: Thank you.

Friday, July 07, 2006

Transcripts show Brown to be Malignant Manipulator

It is clear from reading the testimony of the trial transcripts so far (as opposed to Ted & Patty Kaldis's skewed interpretation) that Brown was a liar, a manipulator, a misanthrope and went to great lengths to punish Sarah Key, Lauren, and anyone else (including his own mother) who thwarted him from getting his way.

Maybe he was a spoiled brat as a child, because he obviously never grew up. His maturity level is at about a 13-yr old level. He has outbursts, he's quick to anger, he's a hot head, he's violent, he's sadistic, he's sarcastic, he's opportunistic, he plays both sides against the middle, he plays mind games, he gaslights, he baits and switches, and he obtained perverse pleasure in hurting Sarah and Lauren Key.

His behavior throughout the year he had supervised and later unsupervised visitation with Lauren was fraught with conflict and cruelty. Until Patty came along, he was living on a boat that was unsafe for small children, yet he continued to take Lauren there even after a court order was issued to prevent it. He enlisted his new wife in the tag-team of mean.

He violated the court orders, complained about the judges, complained about the mediator, complained about Sarah, undermined and criticized his mother, undermined and criticized Sarah, undermined and criticized Greg Marer, undermined and criticized Lauren's step-brother, and frightened Lauren on several occasions between ages 3 and 4.

There is an incident where he threw Lauren into a hot tub knowing she could not swim. There is an incident where he left her suitcase in the middle of the road and told her to come fetch it. There is an incident where he peeled rubber out of the Key-Marer's driveway and Patty lost her balance inside the doorjam and Greg's son was almost slammed by the side door of the VW van. There is an incident where he dropped her off from a visitation and drove off without seeing her to the door. There is an incident where he explodes with rage over Sarah borrowing a quarter from his car during their dating days. There is an incident where he ditches Sarah on a date because she wanted to buy a used baby swing for $13.

He fails to prove a back injury in order to maintain a lower child support order. He lies about the amount of visitation he has in a court document regarding custody issues. He calls CPS on Sarah and accuses her of child abuse because of some shin bruises and a rash on Lauren's face. (All kids get shin bruises.)

He probably lied through his teeth to Patty about his relationship with Sarah and misrepresented the entire scenario to her as if Sarah tried to get pregnant to stay in the USA. He tries to have Sarah deported. He threatens her on several occasions, not least the time when Sarah complained that he was not prepared for shared custody and lacked parenting skills. He did lack parenting skills. I wouldn't trust him with a houseplant. He says to her, "I'll get you for this. What goes around comes around."

Sarah and Lauren developed a relationship with Cam's mother, Lynn, in spite of Cam's objection. He tried to keep everyone apart - his mother, his child, his ex-girlfriend, and his wife. Typical of narcissists who don't want people to compare notes. He knew he would be exposed for the manipulative liar he was.

He complained about his surf board being left out all night the night he was held for questioning. He worried more about his wet shoes, his surfboard and the election results than he did his deceased child. He showed not only inappropriate affect for the situation (and I don't want to hear anything more about that stupid "playbook for grief!"), but inappropriate in any crisis situation, not just one in which your child was killed.

He is a selfish, self-centered, amoral fiend with no conscience. The Portrait of Cameron Brown that his wife and brother-in-law have painted is diametrically opposed to the real Cam Brown - the monster - manipulator - malignant narcissist.

He will be convicted, despite GerEgo's attempt to put Sarah Key-Marer on trial. Sarah will not be vilified, despite the mumbo-jumbo cross examinations that try to elicit detritus signifying nothing. Despite the claims that the Kaldis Klan makes about this poor, dear, loving father being framed.

There was no frame here. This is a well-presented trial that will prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Brown intentionally murdered his daughter. He wanted his freedom. It's an old motive that was ascribed to Scott Peterson and that applies here.

Peterson and Brown are two peas in a pod. They also took a lot of victims. May they both rot.