Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Cameron Brown 911 Call Exerpt on KFI John & Ken Show 7-10-06

Cameron Brown calling 911 after Lauren Key-Marer (his 4-year old biological daughter) allegedly fell from Inspiration Point (picture on screen). He's telling the nude bathers that 'someone is coming' and they might want to get dressed. Notice the chuckle when he says:

"Yeah, I told him that. You guys, you guys might want to get dressed so, huh, they're gonna be coming." (chuckle)


loretta said...

Yeah, that sounds like a really shook up dad.

Charlie said...

It's one thing to read it, that's bad enough, but to hear it...

What a cold, callous waste of space.

CountryGirl said...

He shows no emotion during the entire call that I heard on KFI. Zip, nadda.

When he is telling them his daughter fell off a cliff he sounds as if he's saying she scraped her knee. No urgency, no emotion.

loretta said...

KFI's 4:00 hour where they play the 911 tape.

"Lukiss" said...


Nadine said...

The tape is just unbelievable. Brown didn't sound panicked in the least. He sounded pretty laid back about the whole thing.

He's cooked but good.

Listening to the discussion on what happened in the courtroom now.

He didn't show any emotion at the Polaroid of Lauren. This guy was asking about the presidential election during the recovery of Lauren's body? Holy Cow.

Peterson, you've got some stiff competition.

Nadine said...

Brown never thought of Lauren as his daughter.

He regarded her as an unwelcome financial obligation.

Charlie said...

Yup, just a day at the nude beach, no big whoop.

The absence of emotion is chilling.

loretta said...

More podcast from Ken & John.

Mgt said...

What a charmer!?

Let's hope Bubba is cut from the same compassion; no soul; no empathy. Of course, an insatiable ex-ual appetite, would be a bonus.

loretta said...

Latest from The Breeze.

This defense strategy is sounding soooo familiar.

Ronni said...

OK, wait a minute. On the Monday radio broadcast, Shannon? (is it?) said that Cam gave his shoes to another guy to go look for Lauren. And the Breeze article says that he ruined his footwear going in the salt water.

Also, was he wearing baggy shorts, that he could take them off over his boots, or did he take off his boots, take off his shorts, and put the boots back on?

Probably not important, but you never know.

Mgt said...

I think it is important, Ronni!

Nothing that creep did, was generated by the sheer instinct to saving his child.

I would like to know ONE SINGLE person, here, who would be able to think of ANYTHING other than getting to their child?!

tap, tap, tap!

Believe me, the jury knows that, too!

Mgt said...

Heh, I reckon even Cam Brown believes in his own guilt after hearing that 9-1-1 recording.

It really doesn't leave room for any doubt! Does it?

CountryGirl said...

Yesterday's J&K CB coverage.

CountryGirl said...

The interesting portion is when Geragos is hammering Jeff Leslie about not taping the interview with Cam--and said if Cameron was acting 'so flippant' as you say, wouldn't you want that on tape?

WELL, Ted ADMITS today on Usenet that Cameron said he was flippant during the inteview. Way to go Ted!

CountryGirl said...

I hope Craig Hum can get in about the Y2K Nature walks flyer (PV Conservatory) that Geragos presented yesterday is about the tide pools. NOTHING I could find said they ever take children up on and to the end of Inspiration Point, but I couldn't find the Y2K flyer.

CountryGirl said...

Ok, I just got off the phone with Anke Raue, the coordinator for the nature walks and she said NO WAY were children taken up to IP on nature walks--EVER!

She also said she told that to the detective at the time.

Geragos is BUSTED!!

Ronni said...

Is he waving brochures around like pawn tickets and saying they say something that they really don't?

Holy cow! Why doisn't he ever learn?

Do innocent people never employ him, or what?

fiona said...

has this tape been played to the jury yet? if not, why not? if your child had just "fallen" off a cliff would you be making a joke with the nude bathers about it??!! that man is not right in the head...

Mgt said...

Fiona, Cam Brown and his Attorney, think that WE, the people, are not right in the head.

There can be no other explanation for their insults to our intelligence.

Mgt said...

Personally, if I saw a child, any child, disappear over a cliff, I would be beside myself. Actually, I would be a wreck!

This was Cameron Brown's own flesh and blood an he didn't turn a hair!!

This was a 'rage' killing, either toward Lauren or Lauren's Mother, Sarah.

I have no doubt in my mind, whatsoever!

Someone should throw HIM over a cliff!

fiona said...

does geragos really BELIEVE that he is innocent? how can he sleep at nights? i wonder if he has kids....if your child had fallen over a cliff you would be hysterical..well i would, and most people i know would be too...

Ronni said...

Geragoesthemoney doesn't care. He probably doesn't want to know. It's all about ways to weasel out of taking responsibility for his actions.

Mgt said...

Shouting at the Judge?!

Geragos must think he is 'all that' and then some!

Ugly arsehole!

CountryGirl said...

At 2:39 AM, fiona said...
has this tape been played to the jury yet?

Yes, it was played for the jury, then released to the press.

loretta said...

KFI's broadcast 7/13. Thanks CG!

Ronni said...

Have J and K been reading here? They sure seem to give Geragos short shrift!

Ronni said...

So, Ted is writing a book?

I can hardly wait!

I wonder if he'll do Lulu, or go with a vanity press.

CountryGirl said...

IF you can believe anything that comes out of his mouth, he's writing a screen play for a movie.

loretta said...

LINK to article about the dilemma storing Peterson's fishing boat.

loretta said...


To article on the end of the Peterson trial in SM County. A little reunion of sorts.

loretta said...

Latest from the Breeze on Cam Brown Trial:


Nadine said...

Oh yeah, after telling several people he had a girlfriend deported because she refused to have an abortion after he got her pregnant, then this little jewel:

Jack Laisure III said he also overheard Brown talking a couple of years later about child support, asking others: "How do I get out of this? How much is this going to cost me? I can't afford it."

Yes, what a nice emotional guy that Cameron Brown is.

Anonymous said...

Now, who was the Muppet that said Cam didn't know about Lauren until he was hit with Child Support?

Umm, I wonder?!

I'm dying to see a picture of Patty! I bet she's a pig!

CountryGirl said...

Well, Friday, Cameron's father Bob Brown stormed out of the courtroom after the ex-girlfriend who testified on Friday. Someone in the courthouse overheard him and went back in and told Judge Arnold what happened.

Evidently she testified that Cameron told her his father worked for the CIA. Bob Brown was heard to tell her, "CIA my a$$! and that it was his "$900 surfboard she took with her to South America."

Judge Arnold then informed Bob Brown that he is not allowed to talk to witnesses or anybody for the remainder of the trial and he is not in court today. BTW, he is an investment banker.

Doug Simonson who lived in the Marina and he heard about Lauren's death and called Cameron about a week after she died. Cameron answered the phone with, "Hey Dude, what's up?" When Doug said he called because he heard about Lauren's death and was sorry to hear about it Cameron replied, "Yeah, it was an awful accident but you can't dwell on it forever or it will ruin your life. So, what have you been doing?"

loretta said...

Shades of Pa Peterson. I'm waiting for Bob Brown to tell the press, "My kid's gonna walk!"

All we need now is a web site for all the thousands of supporters.

Oh, wait. He doesn't have any supporters outside his wife, BIL, a few mutts, and his parents.

Anonymous said...

What kind of MORON shows up on a motorcycle to transport a 3 year old? Helmet or no helmet that's just outrageous.

CountryGirl said...

Oh I forgot about that! Yes, one of Lauren's teachers (I think) testified that Cameron showed up at her pre-school on a motorcycle to pick her up and had no helmet for Lauren.

The teacher told him he couldn't take her like that and he told her, "Don't tell me what to do with my daughter."

Anonymous said...

I'm wondering if other than being a self-centered, ruthless, uncaring sob if he's not a bit mentally challenged.

So far, all the testimony points to someone incredibly stooopid.

CountryGirl said...

Yeah, he's a few toes short of hanging 10. He was a 'pilot', his father worked for the 'CIA', and he told Patty some whopper when they started dating too. Does anyone remember? Anyone? Buehler?

CountryGirl said...

Ah, but Ted says:

"Cameron IS honest and conscientious by nature".

June 4th Usenet

Anonymous said...

Right. So is Ted. LOL.

Anonymous said...

The courtroom drama with Cam's dad surprised me.

Dunno why, but for some reason I had pictured his parents as reasonable people.

It sounds like the whole clan, inlaws and all are kooks.

CountryGirl said...

Found it: June 15 Usenet

Hey, he told my sister that he was a ramp agent when he first met her.

Anonymous said...

Swanky title for baggage handler. Like sanitation engineer.

If Cam was zeroing in on Patty for the bank account, he'd be careful about blowing too much smoke.

I have a feeling Patty was putty in his hands. Too bad she hasn't wised up yet.

CountryGirl said...

How many times can she tell herself everyone is lying except Cameron?

How can she condone his treatment of Lauren? Putting her in danger on a motorcycle with no helmet, putting her suitcase in the middle of the street, dropping her off and driving away? Taking her to Inspiration Point?

Ray Charles can see the pattern here! He wanted her to have 'a terrible accident'.

Ronni said...

We have another uncaring, unfeeling, selfish son of a Siberian sasquatch who thinks he can lie to everyone and they will believe him. His father has already revealed certain "Petersonesque" behaviours, maybe his mother will, too, before all's said and done.

Mgt said...

The Dad is in denial. Who wants to believe that they have sporned a cold blooded killer!?

As a result, everybody is lying!

Just another arrogant SOB, if you ask me.

Thank the heavens that there are very few people on the planet, able to commit such a heinous crime.

Cam Brown, may your life be a living Hell in the clink!

Mgt said...

Oh, and how does that ugly, useless pig, Geragos, sleep at night; knowing that he is taking the roof from over a stupid, gullible woman's head?!

He ain't worth a bag of peanuts. He ruins peoples lives, then hands the case over to one of his lackey's when it comes to the appeals. Argh!

Does he even HAVE a strategy??

CountryGirl said...

Today's Daily Breeze article.

CountryGirl said...

Guess Geragos has been reading Usenet. We've been asking Ted for months "how do you know, were you there?".

More from Doug Simonson's testimony:

Simonson said Brown told him Key-Marer, a native of England, was trying to trap him so she could stay in the country. Brown broke up with Key-Marer soon after that, and did what he could to avoid her, changing his cellular telephone number, telling his employer not to accept calls for him and calling immigration officials to have Key-Marer deported, Simonson said.

Mgt said...

Further confirmation that Ted has his head up his own poop-hole!

Cam Brown was 'Mister Nice Guy' all the way, then?! Pity there are no prizes!

CountryGirl said...

If Patty Brown can sit in that courtroom and tell herself that everyone is lying except Cameron and not have at least a glimmer of doubt about his guilt, she is beyond stupid.

As far as I am concerned, she is nearly as evil as her husband. The emotional abuse Lauren was put through before her death happened under her nose, if she didn't take part in it herself. Telling Lauren her mother was going to jail, etc. That didn't happen in a vaccuum. Allegedly, while Cameron was taking Lauren to IP, Patty was home on the computer trying to look up ways to get more custody.

Don't tell me she didn't participate in terrorizing this child they barely knew (14 whole days) by telling her she wasn't going to be seeing Sarah again, that Sarah was a 'bad mommy'.

I have absolutely NO sympathy for Patty Kaldis Brown. If she loses her house to Geragos and lives on the streets, she still has her life, unlike Lauren.

Mgt said...

Very well put, CG! Of course, you know far more about these people than I do.

I didn't realise that she was also involved with that poor little girl.

Even if she was the sweetest caring woman, I still think Geragos would take everything she had, and then some!

I find him despicable!

CountryGirl said...

Geragos pulled the 'dog ate my homework' excuse when he couldn't cross examine Dr Wilson (Toby) Hayes today. One of his assistants put his laptop on top of his car and drove off.

Now Dr Hayes will have to return to court on Thursday.

loretta said...

From yesterday's KFI podcast - the judge Arnold got into it with Bob Brown. Cam told his g/f his dad worked for the CIA, and she went to Chile. CIA my a$$, that was my $900 surfboard you took to South America!

Someone told the judge, he asked "What were you thinking?

Bob Brown: Said there were 3 Mr. Browns in the courtroom. Judge admonished Daddy Brown and told him he couldn't talk to ANYBODY.

She testified that Cam told her his dad worked for the CIA. Prosecutors were trying to show that Cam was/is a liar.

This is the second time a surfboard came up, so he had another one. Probably had several.

He was on disability but still surfing.

His dad is very wealthy, per reports. His grandmother owns a house on The Strand on Manhattan Beach (CA).

GerEgo doesn't work cheap, so that explains how they can afford it.

Very successful father, money in the family, son turns out to be a 'dud.' Peterson was a fertilizer salesman, only thing lower is a baggage handler at LAX.

Parents trying to bail out kid, just like in Peterson.

loretta said...

Emotional relationship, he cried on occasion, when she left for South America, he got upset. Witnesses say he showed no emotion when Lauren was lying dead on the table.

GerEgo's cross of ex-girlfriend? According to Shannon, he didn't do much.

Ken and John say that GerEgo is hosing Bob Brown just like he did the Petersons.

What a line of work! (Quoting them.)

Teacher who worked at school said Cam tried to pick her up on a motorcycle w/o a helmet. He told her "Don't tell me what to do with my daughter."

(Already posted above, but I am transcribing as I listen.)

Did he have a helmet? We don't know. She's too young to be on a motorcycle, anyway. They are going crazy about this.

Buddy from Redondo Beach, Doug. He hears about the little girl dying, so he calls Cam to console him.

Cam says, "Hey Dude, what's up?!"

Doug testifies that he was sorry.

"Can't dwell on it forever or it will ruin your life."

A week afer Lauren's death.

"WHAT A PSYCHO!" (Ken/John.)

Brown moved along so quickly.

loretta said...

Yesterday's podcast, continued:

Key witness for State - medical examiner.

Shannon: Chin Wa (sp), works for LA County coronor's office ruled as homicide for several reasons. Majority of injuries was to face, skull, chest. Some lacerations to spleen and liver, but not consistent with someone who slips and falls, bumps down a cliff.

Even if you slipped and fell and couldn't hang on, you would still hit things on the way down.

He said NO WAY would someone accidentally fall w/o trying to prevent it. No scrapings on fingernails (dirt), human instinct to grab on. Single major impact. Chest and head hit first, then abdomen. Small damage to spleen and liver.

120 feet high - there were some scrapes on her but they are consistent with the landing - rocks she hit at the bottom.

Did they figure out where she ended up?

Rob Olsen - land surveyor talked about GPS, topogrophy - engineered the map used by Hayes to prove she was thrown.

She'd end up at a farther distance from the cliff than if she bounced down.

That's what the map is going to show. Hayes can prove she was thrown because of projectory.

GerEgo asked if maps had ever been used for trajectory analysis. Olsen (Olson) said no.

Do the jurors need CSI-type proof?

GerEgo started cross-examining ME - still going on during this podcast. ME wrote, "Child endangerment needs to be taken into consideration." Homicide because he endangered the child just by taking her up there?

More later.

CountryGirl said...

Now SF/KFI said it wasn't due to the laptop. Evidently someone has something scheduled for tomorrow (Hayes?) and he will have to fly back to continue on Thursday.

Mgt said...

In the case of Ted Kaldis, the looks match the personality. Ugly is as ugly does!

Now, where is that picture of Patty?

Get on it, boys and girls!

loretta said...


Latest from the Breeze.

CountryGirl said...

Look what WMD posted Dane found out:



DATE: JUNE 5, 2001


RECOMMENDATION: Reject the claim and direct the City Clerk to notify the claimant of the City Council’s action.


Cameron Brown is the father of Lauren Key who slipped and fell to her death at Inspiration Point on November 8, 2000. Mr. Brown’s attorney has filed a claim against the City for the wrongful death of his daughter.

Carl Warren & Co. has advised the City that this claim should be rejected.

Respectfully submitted,
Jo Purcell

Les Evans

loretta13 said...

Transcription of yesterday's KFI report with Shannon:

Yesterday Hayes took the stand - through her injuries (through laws of
Physics) told reviewed interviews, police reports, injuries - said they
were like a fingerprint left at the scene - work back to see how she
got injuries.

Powerpoint presentation - huge autopsy pictures. Were horrible. There
was Lauren's little body on this metal table, close up of her face, one
of her blue eyes was partly open, a juror grabbed her mouth...

Huge close up of face - open tissue wounds on forehead, really
horrible. Big blue eyes, partially open. Most devastating photo Shannon
has ever seen. Juror cupped her mouth when seeing it. Lauren's wrist
was broken - part of bone was coming out - prosecutor asked about
broken wrist, Hayes said, in this case she tried to break her fall.

This is all from autopsy. She tried to break her fall. The full mental
picture of what happened. Could feel how horrible it was.

Reviewed all that information, needed more topography, maps with
contours, edges of cliff. That's when they got the land surveyor. Hayes
got maps.

What Hayes said, "Fundamental physics" can demonstrate how she fell -
plug in same parameters that Nike uses, any motion studies. Plug in her
weight, height, all variables. If she had slipped or tripped, she would
moved at a rate of 4.6ft/second. She would have skidded down. If she
was thrown, she would have gone down at 15 ft./second. Supplied thrust
by throwing.

Argument that he would have fallen along with her - no - Newton's 3rd
law - every action there is an equal and opposite reaction, Cam would
have fallen backward.

Jeremy (smaller guy) held 45 -pound weight, throw weight off at point
of departure (theoretical) and that weight went off cliff at 12.5
ft./second. Pretty close to 15 ft./second hypothesis.

Goes back to injuries as more consistent with being thrown. Had same
conclusion as ME - died from single high-speed impact to the cliff

Hayes has taught at Stanford, MIT and Harvard. Made everything very
easy to understand. Professor of Oregon State U.

GerEgos in opening statements said expert uses "hooey" - had to shop
around for an expert who could prove she was thrown. GerEgo wasn't
ready to cross-examine this witness. He's had a technical difficulty.
His laptop was on the top of one of his assistant's car. (Dog ate the
homework stuff.)

Hayes will be back tomorrow for cross-examination.

GerEgo was not ready, even though he knew all about this guy's
testimony coming up. What a moron.

Stay tuned for today's update. I am a day behind in the podcasts.

Mgt said...

This Trial must be absolutely agonising for Sarah. For Lauren's sake she will force herself to see justice done!

It must be unbearable!

Then, she has to witness that heartless, piss-pot-ugly, Geragos rant and perform about the Courtroom. Enough reason to arm yourself with a poisoned dart, IMO!

Mgt said...

Has anyone mentioned Camoron's demeanour in the Courtroom?

If the people on the Jury were feeling nauseous by the sight of the pictures of Lauren's injuries, you would think that CaMoron would, at the very least, feel the same.

I'm betting there wasn't and never will be, even a flicker of emotion!

loretta said...

No court Wed. morning. First up was Donna Johnston, Deputy DA talked about child support. Testified that Brown twice tried to get CS payments reduced. Hand-written form, “I cannot afford to pay the amount currently ordered.” Sometime between first and second request, learned that he would get reduced support with more visitation. Claimed he had 50% visitation in second form. Never had 50% visitation with Lauren – seeing her on Wed for 6-1/2 hours and every other week had an overnight visit. Not even 10% of the time with her.

Had he gotten that request – from $982 to $485 in CS payments. He was denied both times. He didn’t try to get custody, he claimed he had 50% custody and that was false.

On cross, GerEgo asked if that was Brown’s handwriting – must have been the facilitator and she got it wrong. That was his only attack back. Stacey Phillips on the stand – divorce lawyer – explaining how CS is calculated.

Tomorrow is big day – Hayes cross-examination by GerEgo. Keep in mind, GerEgo has his own expert, all in the cafeteria around table with their experts hashing out their testimony. GerEgo has physics expert – I don’t think she (if it’s Dr. Ophoven) is a physics expert. She works with statistics and physiology, IIRC.

Hoping that the CSI effect weighs on the jury. Most people believe you can prove that an object was thrown or fell from a height.

K?J ask: Why did it take 5-1/2 years to get a trial? Injuries are not that complicated. I agree, this is a simple case. That is GerEgo’s biggest argument – that the People had to shop around for an expert to come up with a good theory that would support them. It doesn’t seem that complicated. There must be some other case that they could use as reference.

Friday or Monday the jury goes to Inspiration Point on their field trip.

loretta said...

KFI live today - update on Brown trial:


(I missed the beginning of this. Maybe someone can fill in the first
few minutes.)

There were 7 collection agencies after Cam Brown.

He really was a dud compared to his dad. They laid an egg when Cameron
came out. New wife Patty, had $63,000.00 - as of November 8, 2000.
But the bulk of the money was in retirement accounts. She had $14,500
in her own (not joint) checking account.

Prosecutors say she wanted to adopt Lauren but Brown didn't. The
detective on the case, Leslie, said Brown didn't want this child, he
was tired of paying support, and he was feeling pressure from Patty to
adopt her because she wanted to start a family.

Geragos gets to the cross of forensic accountant - Patty had
property, right? Any equity lines? He went on to say the cash in the
retirement was accessible, no penalty if put back in 6 months. Then he
says, what about their utility bills? They kept up with those -

NO!! They were late 12 times that year with power bill. Was their power
ever turned off? No.

According to Shannon, Not a very productive day. Hayes wasn't able to
testify. He has prior engagements Friday and Monday. Earliest cross for
Hayes will be Tuesday.

CountryGirl said...

My notes, probably duplication.

Shannon Ferran on John & Ken Show today:

Rough day. Yesterday I was saying Big Day tomorrow. Geragos wasn't
ready to cross on Tuesday.

Geragos starts asking Hayes questions about his conclusions, then he
Are you a doctor, are you a pathologist, you aren't even licensed in
California, are you?

Then Geragos asks "What do you have there?" Hayes said it is a
summation of my findings. Geragos asks if he turned it over, he had
never seen this. Hum said he had never seen it either. (It was about
37-39 pages)

Went into chambers. Came out 20 minutes later and Judge Arnold told
jury Geragos will cross later after both sides have had a chance to
review the summation of his report.
Hayes is coming back on Tuesday.

CB's financials:
This morning, CPA on stand. Going over his bank accounts.

On 11/8/2000, the day Lauren died, he had 3 active accounts with $96.00
total in all 3 accounts.

His account was overdrawn 33 times that year.

7 collection agencies after him.

New wife, Patty Brown, had $63,000 but not in checking or savings.
$48,000 was in retirement accounts.
$14,500 in checking account--Cameron's name was not on that account.

CPA crossed by Geragos.
Geragos: "Well Patty had property. Did you investigate equity lines?
Retirement $$ could have been accessed." etc...

Then Geragos asks CPA, What about their utility bills?

CPA says, AAMOF, they were late 12 times that year with their power

Geragos then says, well, was it ever turned off?

Well, no.

CountryGirl said...

Poor Mark.

He's depending on Patty Kaldis Brown for assistance and OOPS! She must have failed to disclose the truth about their finances on 11/8/2000 when Lauren died.

Did he not put any effort into checking CB out himself or have an investigator do it?

He blew the first lesson on cross. Never ask a question if you don't already know the answer. What a joke!

CountryGirl said...

Geragos closing:

If your lights are LIT you must ACQUIT!

Mgt said...

If Cam Brown's old man is paying for this bozo, he should ask for a refund!

The man is a buffoon!

Hey, guess what?! All those times we saw the phrase "Even HE wouldn't be that stupid!"

Well, he is!

Looks like Patty and CaMoron, decided to lie about their financial status. Ooo, bit of a mistake, I would say!

That's confirmed it for me; Patty is definitely Ted's twin. Arrogant and stupid; a deadly combination!

Anonymous said...

CG, Just read Usenet and this what you missed on Friday. Taking up after the "wired" meeting at LAX.

So, Cam calls LAX police to file a report, saying he's worried for his safety - his X is threatening his life. Said she said "I'll kill you". THIS IS NOT ON THE TAPE - he's a LIAR. Sheriff's dept sent a fake undercover police officer to talk to cam about the altercation. Why did she confront you - We had a child that died. I was told not to talk to her, so I didn't. Asked Cam what happened to his daughter. He says I looked away for a split second & she was gone. Wasn't she afraid of heights? She wasn't afraid at all. I saw her throwing rocks & reminded Cam of himself throwing rocks @ surfers & thought she's going to grow up to be a surfer like him.. Said he dove into the water after she went off the cliff (exaggeration). Asked for the DOB -MG asked if he skipped a beat when he cited her DOB. Like it was a good thing he knew her date of birth.

Field trip won't happen until both sides have rested.

Some Jurors now having problems cuz this is taking longer than it should have. Not enough alternates to cover the ones that might have to leave due to other obligations.

CountryGirl said...

Wow, thanks so much! Do you have a 'Nick', Anonyn? Thanks for filling me/us in on what was missed.

For some reason my internet was spacing out today and of all times for it to happen!

I have been worried about this case with all the days off. MG is flying here and yon and the jurors are having to put their lives on hold! All this during Hum's CIC!

Not that it would be right, and certainly it's not legal, but he is taking a chance that the jury will take it out on his (guilty) client. Or maybe he knows this case is a loser and he's hoping for a mistrial. Who knows?

Thanks again!

loretta said...

Even if they have to declare a mistrial, Brown stays in jail. It's a win-win situation. The prosecutor would then get another bite out of the apple.

CountryGirl said...

This blog is to discuss the Cameron Brown case.

I would like to keep comments open for anyone wishing to comment; however I will NOT allow this to become a tool for bashing Loretta.

loretta said...

Yes, this is also an idiot-free zone. Take it to Muttville and its annexes, Mutt. Don't you have 15...20... I don't know how many bashing blogs already?

Ronni said...

Is there anything new from the radio or the Breeze?

CountryGirl said...

No Breeze articles since Denise took leave.

KFI Today:

Evidently, Cameron hasn't been getting his scheduled showers. Defense complained, clerk called and said he should be getting showers.

Jeff Leslie back on the stand. Gergagos keeps bring up that Jeff Leslie was a homicide detective for one year when Lauren died. (SF says he also has 26 years prior experience.) Geragos says Detective Danny Smith (Leslie's partner-at the time, who has retired) had wrong attitute, out to get Cameron. Accused Cameron the first night. Went to media Jan 01 saying not an accident.

DS wrote (expletive??) on top of phone book list (evidence log?)

Detective Smith wrote a letter to Cal Tech professor asking if there is any way 'through ... magic' 'you can prove' this was not an accident?

Tomorrow, biomechanical engineer Hayes is due back on the stand for cross by Geragos.

Geragos starts his case on Wednesday.

Ronni said...

So he dismisses the one as being inexperienced, and the experienced one has the "wrong attitude?"

It's like he's trying to cure pneumonia with tissues!

Ronni said...

I just hope Hayes has all his ducks lined up right.

CountryGirl said...

I'm sure he does Ronni. Why did Geragos put Jeff Leslie back on the stand today? He said those same things during his original cross.

So, who do we think will be his lead witness on Wednesday?

Any guesses?
Dr. Janice Ophoven?

Holmes said...

Did MG mention the x-partner on his first cross? That seems really odd he didn't get the phonebook and magic reference in the first time.

Oh no, don't tell me it's laying ground for an ineffective counsel appeal.

Don't these CA lawyers have any new tricks in their bag?

Holmes said...

Guesses? Hmmm, Patty? Neighbors at IP? The nudie that heard Cam crying? ROFL, Ted.

I'm sure they have at least one person lined up to testify how much Cam loved Lauren.

CountryGirl said...

I'm going to guess he'll lead off with Lauren's babysitter, then the mediator.

I would actually be shocked if he puts Patty Brown on the stand. Shocked! IMO, she is more a negative than a positive to the case. But, what do I know?

Then there's the "Don't die" witness, the witness who saw Lauren ahead of Cameron and throwing rocks or chasing insects.

loretta said...

Brown checked out surf-spot sites after Lauren's death. Didn't hit as hard as it should. (2 days after she died - looking at surfing reports.)

GerEgo argued it was a daily update that he might have subscribed to. Is Cam going to testify to this? Is he showing that this is the case, or is it more hypotheticals?

Video of altercation between Sarah and Cam at LAX in January 2001. Three months after Lauren's death.

Cam wouldn't return Sarah's calls, so investigators wired her. They taped the whole thing, can see CB walking to his motorcycle, and you can hear Sarah asking him, I want to talk to you, what happened up there?

Cam - I can't talk to you.

Sarah - she was a life in your hands. You're being a coward!

Cam does that "heh" thing that sounds like a chuckle.

Sarah - you think this is funny? Look in my eyes and tell me you didn't do it!

Cam speeds away on his motorcycle.

K&J say, isn't that a stark contrast between a parent who had something to do with his child's death and someone who didn't.

He was told by his atty not to speak to Sarah.

But where's the humanity? He also didn't deny it to her.

That stuck out in Shannon's mind. If someone asked me if I didn't do it, I would say I didn't do it. (per Shannon.)

They are debating a "normal" reaction. 100% of the time every single parent would beat themselves for not being more attentive.

The jury hasn't shown any emotion.

(John: it's gotta be over.)

Cam - calls LAX police and says Sarah threatened his life at the parking lot.


Cam said Sarah said, "I will kill you." NOT ONCE on the tape does she say that.

The sheriff's department went undercover to talk to CB about his complaint about what happened at the parking garage. Why did she confront you? Had a child that died, and the detective asked if Sarah was crazy - no, because of the death of the child, I'm not supposed to talk to her.

What happened?

CB said he looked away for a split second and she was gone. She wasn't afraid at all. In fact, I was kind of amazed. He threw rocks at the surfers as a kid. When he saw her throwing the rocks, she was going to grow up to be a surfer kid like me.

That's the most he spoke of her in the entire matter.

Clearly a man who should not have been a father.

He told the detective he had to dive in the water.

GerEgo pointed out that when the detective was questioning him, he knew L's birthday instantly WOW. What a guy.

Shannon didn't see the rest of the questioning.

Not going to take trip until both sides have rested.

Mgt said...

I'm hoping that a trip to the location will seal his fate!

The man is void of any characteristic that makes a person, human.

Ronni said...

Going after both sides have rested their cases is a good thing. It allows the scene to speak for itself.

loretta said...

au contraire. I think he's very human. He represents a great deal of the human race. He is selfish, self-centered, dishonest, ignorant, short-sighted, greedy, unrepentant, petulant, ungrateful, insincere and deeply empty.

In other words, very common.

Ronni said...

Unfortunately true.

Way too many people like that around.

CountryGirl said...

Geratos lead witness will be the "Please don't die" witness, Craig Albretin (SP).

Shannon Ferran says that he saw Cameron trying to revive Lauren.

I find that interesting because he told police and detectives he did this immediately after getting her out of the water. He layed her on a flat rock and performed CPR for 'a minute', then carried her to the archery range and put her on a picnic table. When asked if he continued to try and revive her there he said no, there wasn't time.

So, was this witness one of the nude bathers who loaned him the cell phone or did he follow Cameron to retrieve her body?

We'll know tomorrow.

Today, Geragos tried to pick apart Wilson Hayes and SF said Dr Hayes did not get defensive one time. Geragos accused him of testifying for anyone who would pay him and asked if he did any pro bono work. Hayes answered no.

Hmmmm, does Geragos charge $$$ to defend his clients for murder?

J&K said he accused Dr Hayes of making a living. Well, duh!

Mgt said...

I still believe most people have a natural instinct to protect those who are suffering.

Well, I'm hoping that's the case, anyway.

Poor Sarah just managed to push the wrong button, whichever button that may be.

loretta said...


New article in The Breeze.

CountryGirl said...

Shannon Ferran's report today on KFI J&K Show:

Morning starts off with Geragos asking for dismissal:

He tells Judge Arnold:
Prosecution's whole case is based on Cameron didn't act right

Based on character assissination

No where is playbook for emotion

No case law for how you act when your child dies

It is sending message to the community if you don't act right; outside Oprah;s bellcurve, you will be indicted.

Hayes hired gun, neither he nor ME are to be believed.

Judge Arnold: A reasonable jury could find both Dr Hayes and Dr Chinwah are credible

Geragos argues, The only jury who could find those two credible ..... (didn't catch his remark)

Judge Arnold: Motion Denied

John: He's a HACK (GerEgo)
Cochrane understood prejudices of OJ's jury
Geragos has sociopathic tendacies
Doesn't care about Cameron Brown
Only cares about Brown's dad writing the check

First witness (What happened to the "Don't Die" Guy?)

Dr Gary Yomiguchi
human motion expert
MIT PHD Stamford
Rock Climber; Rapelled down IP to the base

Per Dr Gary Yomiguchi
lack of physical evidence for throwing Lauren.
Don't know exact point of departure;impact, landing.

Water so turbulant,
where found is not where she landed. Cannot use laws of physics

DY pointed to the upper slope of cliff:
no sticks, roots, bushes,
nothing to scrape or cause abrasions or bruises
slope of IP covered in dry dead grass
nothing to grasp
slide down upper slope (39 degrees)
She tumbled a few times for more than one impact
with fatal impact to face at bottom of the cliff.

abrasions cut in different directions; proves they did not happen at the same time.
Bounced a few times, hit the rock and went into the water.

John has Q about body motion expert?
Who decided where she landed?
Dr Yomiguchi is saying only know where she was found
Turbulant water moved her from where she landed to where he found her

If you're going to use physics to determine a path of motion you have to know exact point of departure, etc

John: Maybe not exact point but generally--you can make a reasonable estimate

SF: One could argue he made his trip in April/06, Lauren was there 11/2000
Makeup of that cliff has changed.

Didn't call Craig Albretin today. (He's the "Don't Die" Guy) CA will be there tomorrow at 2pm.

Excuse spelling and punctuation.

Anonymous said...

Hey guys, I am a close friend of Cam from Colorado. I was with him the night of the two first meeting.

He is a good man, and I have been with him several times to that same spot to check surf. He is a surfer at heart, not what is being made out in the media. Trust me when I say, that in my mind, this was an accident. I hope it is not true like the rest of you, but he has spent a long time before trial in jail. He has paid the price of losing a child, and the time he has spent. He should be let off and renew his life. Just my thoughts.

Anonymous said...

PS- Anyone know anyway to find out more on the trial??

Mgt said...

To the anonymous, good friend of Cam Brown:-

I take it you are not the same friend who phoned Cameron a week after Lauren's death....when Cam answered the phone in high spirits, resembling cheerfulness and not having a care in the world.

Well, are you?

He may very well have been 'a surfer at heart'. He certainly was not a 'father at heart'! Assuming he has a heart, that is!

Anonymous said...

What happened to

Mgt said...

I think the King's son is only his way, Anonymous.

loretta said...

Misfitting is on hiatus for awhile.

You can read updates of the trial in here or on the "Breeze" web site (although since Denise Nix went on maternity leave, there are fewer updates.)

KFI - a talk radio station in Los Angeles - has daily updates around 4 pm PST.

As far as Brown not being capable of what he is accused; well, as the cliche goes, they ALL say that.

I have long ago dispensed with the delusion that people are not capable of heinous things. People are capable of incredible stupidity and cruelty. Just open the history books.

CountryGirl said...

Hi Anonymous Friend,

If you're still reading, when you say you have been with him several times to that same spot to check surf, what does that mean? On your surboards?

CountryGirl said...

Daily Breeze 7-27

CountryGirl said...

From the article:

A self-described mountaineer, Yamaguchi rappelled down the cliff to learn more about Lauren's plunge. Moreover, he offered -- in an opinion that visibly took Judge Mark S. Arnold aback -- the area's beauty was such that he "would love to hike" there with his own children.

The prosecution seized on Yamaguchi's admission that he "didn't believe anybody can determine" whether Lauren fell accidentally or was thrown for sure because no one saw her fall or where she landed.

How then could he assert she fell rather than was thrown, wondered Deputy District Attorney Craig Hum.

Because of the nature of her injuries, Yamaguchi steadfastly maintained.

Anonymous said...
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CountryGirl said...


Thank you for the answer regarding IP. He told LE that he was familiar with the area but had never been to that particicular point (IP).

Sarah is a victim regardless of what Cameron has told you about her. I will ask you politely to not bash her here.

You have made some very serious charges about Craig Hum and Sarah. Based on what? What Cameron, Patty or Ted has told you?

Mr Hum is not running for office; that was one of Ted's accusations which fell flat on its face.

We all would like to see Cameron on the stand however I seriously doubt it will happen.

loretta said...

I wonder if that kind of deep-seated misogyny is typical among Cam and his peers in So. Cal?

Nadine said...

If that was a friend of his, that's about all I need to know about CB's character.

loretta said...


Inspired by the constant defense spin about the "Handbook for Grief."

Anonymous said...

Hey Folks, I am just trying to look at this from both sides, not just one. The information about the connection between Mr. Hum and Sarah's mom is factual. Check it out. I am not trying to defend a friend. In fact, I have want to know he is innocent, and if he did this, he should be convicted. All I know is the Cam Brown I have known since 1977. I know his family well, and think of how it must feel for both families. Having children myself, I could not stand the fact of losing them. You must admit that when a case like this or anything in the media is always one sided. It sells. Did you know that he was tried for this and sent free before? That part has not made the papers has it? I am far away from the publicity on this so it may have already been brought up. Understand that if true, I agree with everything you are saying, but what I ask as that you look at it from both angles until proving guilty. I welcome any questions about his character and background and appreciate the site that has information on how folks are feeling. If I did not know him like I do, I most likely would feel the same. That is what I thought about Scott Peterson. It is something I have not heard that he had never been there before. Being a Colorado resident, I think we are talking of the same place, but I could be wrong. When I get to California, I am going to get my facts straight on the location as I can look to confirm.

Keep in touch.

CountryGirl said...

AnonyFriend, I don't know what you mean about him being "tried for this before and set free".

Double jeopardy would prevent that. You cannot be tried twice for the same crime unless there is a hung jury. He has not been tried until now. He was arrested in 2003, a grand jury brought an indictment against him in July 2004 and his trial started the end of May 2006. He waived his right to a speedy trial.

There are pictures on this blog of Inspiration Point. Here is a large photo.

Inspiration Point

When you look at this picture, think about Cameron sitting just 4 feet from the edge while his 4 year old daughter was throwing rocks. That is his story.

Anonymous said...

It seems to me that alot of Cam's friends seem to have problems with spelling or using words in the right context. They must be as ignorant and arrogant as Cam.

Anonymous said...

Great site loved it alot, will come back and visit again.