Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Cameron Brown 9-1-1 Transcript Exerpts

Excerpts from the 9-1-1 call Cameron Brown made to Los Angeles Communication Center on November 8, 2000:

911 OPERATOR: 9-1-1 emergency, what are you reporting?

BROWN: Um, my daughter fell off a cliff in Palos Verdes

OPERATOR: Where, where at in Palos Verdes?

BROWN: Uh, Portuguese Bend.

OPERATOR: Sir, you down at San Pedro area?

BROWN: No, not San Pedro. It’s Palos Verdes area.

OPERATOR: O. Port – is there cross streets where they get across from?

BROWN: Uh, no cross streets, god. Wayfarer’s Chapel, in Inspiration Point. That area.

OPERATOR: Ok, um, ok.

BROWN: Uh, the sun bathing beach, uh…

MALE VOICE: Abalone Cove

BROWN: Abalone Cove. I parked at Abalone Cove parking lot and hiked. So, I hiked (inaudible).

OPERATOR: Ok, one second, one second please, alrighty?

BROWN: Ok. Oh, shit, oh, man, oh, thanks for letting me use your phone.

OPERATOR: How, how bad is she? Is she –

BROWN: I don’t know. I haven’t gone down and found her. I just found somebody with a phone and called you first. Now, I’m going to look.

OPERATOR: Ok. Be careful, be careful, be careful.

BROWN: I’ll have to backtrack to get down.

MALE VOICE: (inaudible)

BROWN: Yeah, well, no, you need shoes.

MALE VOICE: I got some.

BROWN: Mine?

MALE VOICE: (inaudible)

BROWN: Yeah. Yeah, I told him that. You guys, you guys might want to get dressed so, huh, they’re gonna be coming.

VOICE: What?

BROWN: I don’t know. I had to come back this way. I couldn’t see her.

OPERATOR: Ok, I’m gonna put you at, um, I see where Portuguese Bend is. I’m gonna put it on Palos Verdes, um, south, um, you’re gonna be west off Cherry Hilll, so hold on one second.

BROWN: Ok. (Inaudible) somebody’s gonna be coming so, huh (laughing), sorry.

OPERATOR: What is your name, sir?

BROWN: Cameron Brown.

911 OPERATOR: How old is your daughter?


(Later in the call after the fire department has been informed) –

VOICE: Ok, now, uh, what seems to be the problem?

BROWN: My daughter fell off a cliff in Palos Verdes.

VOICE: Ok, how far down did she go, approximately?

BROWN: Oh, I don’t know. That’s really far. A hundred yards.

FEMALE VOICE: Uh, yards?

BROWN: Yeah, looks like.

VOICE: Ok, sir, let me confirm this. Palos Verdes Drive, cross is Cherry Hill Lane…

911 OPERATOR: Actually, he said he’s at the, um, at the Portuguese Bend area which is Portuguese Point.

MALE VOICE: Right, I got Portuguese Point. I have Inspiration Point. All of that…

911 OPERATOR: Yeah.

BROWN: The sunbathing beach.

MALE VOICE: Sun bathing beach?

BROWN: Yeah, you know, where the nude bathers go. I don’t know.

OPERATOR: He accessed from Abalone Cove, is where he parked.


OPERATOR: Are you closer to Inspiration Point or Portuguese Point?

MALE VOICE: Do you know which one you’re closer to?

BROWN: (Inaudible) points are. I, you know, I don’t know. I’m in between, right now, the sun bathing beach and I’m on the east point. She fell of the east point from there… by the firing range. Yeah, by the archery range. I borrowed this phone and every time I move, it cuts off. I’m standing here and he’s, he, the guy I borrowed the phone from, he went down to look.


MALE VOICE: We’re gonna have units on their way.

BROWN: Thank you.


Ronni said...

$50 says he's toast.

Nadine said...

So he's more concerned about the nude sunbathers being embarassed by the paramedics arriving than his daughter, who just "fell" off the cliff. Burnt toast.

Dane said...

Soon to be bubba's buttered toast, hopefully

loretta said...

The rest of the call is now transcribed up there^^.

I skipped some of the babble between dispatchers and EMI people.

Ronni said...

Burnt toast. French toast.

Sorted, as Mgt would say!

CountryGirl said...

If you think it reads horribly, add his chuckling when he's saying this stuff to it, and imagine what the jury will think.

sassyfrass said...

Funny how these kind of creeps can't even fake it.
Stick a fork in him, he's done.

Dane said...

It is, isn't it? They always think they are so smart and have thought of the perfect crime, and then it all unravels over little things.

If he would have given her just a little push he wouldn't have Hayes looming ahead.

That doesn't necessarily mean he would never have been charged, though.

I believe Hum intended to charge him from the get go, he just waited patiently to build his case. That's just my opinion though, naturally.

Mgt said...

After reading that transcript, I feel rather relieved. Now, I KNOW he is going 'down'!

He is a arrogant, self-absorbed, spiteful, heartless, empty souled, POS!

Tsszzz! (The sound of frying!)

I hope Bubba hates child-killers.

Mgt said...

CG, thanks for clearing up my confusion on the Author.

Quite honestly, I thought you had morphed into Loretta. LOL

You know, that operator had no idea of the urgency of the matter, because Brown sounds so unconcerned.

To me, the response from the Fireman when Brown says "A hundred yards", really shows that up until this point, it seems to have been treated as a rescue operation.

Brown never at any point stresses that this is an emergency!

Anyone for toast!?

Ronni said...

Nowhere on the tape is the dispatcher telling him to calm down. Because he is much too calm in the first place.

Barbara said...

Hearing that 911 call is even more unbelievable. A total stranger would be more concerned about a child falling from a cliff than her father was. What a sick, sick man!

Barbara said...

Where's CG with the KFI updates?

CountryGirl said...

Today, KFI is discussing the cross by Geragos of Detective Jeff Leslie.

Apparantly, Geragos wanted to question Detective Leslie about an
alleged witness who saw/heard Cameron say "Please don't die!" and Craig
Hum objected. Hum's objection was it was hearsay and if Geragos wanted
to, HE should bring the witness himself and question the witness.

Judge Arnold agreed and Geragos threw a mini hissy-fit and raised his
voice saying, "FINE! I'll just drag tons of witnesses in this trial
and I'll drag it into August."

Either Hum or Judge Arnold (I forget which) made the comment that they
expected the trial would go into August anyway.

(None of this was in front of the jury, BTW)

He (Geragos) was pointing his finger at the judge and yelling and Judge
Arnold had to tell him "Stop yelling at me."

Typical Geragos behavior--wanting to use his questions to introduce
witness testimony that may or may not even appear -- or exist -- and
this time it didn't fly.

At one point, Geragos also called Craig Hum 'clinically insane'.

He's really making points with Judge Arnold.

CountryGirl said...

Ask & ye shall receive!

Barbara said...

Thank you Doll!

I was just discussing this at UseNet. This is a typical Geragos M.O. He tries to testify to things that are not in testimony. He hints at something and then tries to introduce it through hearsay. It didn't work in the Peterson case and it's not working here.

CountryGirl said...

Yesterday, over strenuous objections by Mark Geragos, Arnold allowed DA Craig Hum to show the jury the polaroid picture of Lauren (taken after she died) that Detective Jeff Leslie and his partner showed Cameron Brown during his 3 hour iterrogation at the Lomita Sheriff's station.

Cameron's reaction to the picture was to tap it with his finger and say, "That's her."

Two of the jurors passed the picture and wouldn't even look at it. One stared hard at Cameron in court.

Today, Geragos put up pictures of trails and a flyer for nature walks for children in 2000 (Y2K Nature Walks) but it is unclear whether the walks included a hike to the edge of IP, or whether 4 year old children walked 1.5 miles during those hikes.

Geragos got Jeff Leslie to admit that the 3 different versions (Oh, Ah, Oh Oh) were actually in one statement, not 3 different times, although I don't know how much that makes a difference.

There was no video taping equipment in the Lomita Sheriff's station in 11/2000 but Geragos drove home the fact that Leslie had a tape recorder (audio) in his car yet the interview wasn't taped.

Barbara said...

If he had taped it, it would have been "rush to judgement". He didn't tape it so that is in some way a defense winning point?

It would be so nice if this wasn't so much a 'game' as an actual trial to determine the guilt of a man who callously took the life of a child.

Anonymous said...

i think that he push his own dauther. What a sick man. Who would do that to such a small person and to someone that is his own(if u know what i mean).In all the detail lead to that he push her over the ciff. CUZ IF MY DAUTHER HAD FALL I WOULD HAVE WENT TO GO LOOK FOR HER FRIST TO SEE IF SHE WAS ALIVE OR NOT THEN I WOULD CALL 911