Thursday, July 27, 2006

The Narcissist's Playbook for Grief

We are all familiar with The Narcissist's Handbook of Romance, but recently, an exciting discovery in the locked steamer trunk of a recently deceased card-carrying narcissist uncovered a rare, slim, yellowed volume of instructions entitled, The Narcissist's Playbook for Grief. Unfortunately, the musty pages were water damaged and began to disintegrate upon inspection, but we were able to salvage several partial passages for scientific evaluation.

Obviously written by a fellow narcissist, the playbook offers atrocious advice to its members, which may account for why so many suspects of crimes we have observed over the years have behaved in such inappropriate ways. For example, the Handbook recommends the following activities upon learning that your loved one has "disappeared" or died:
  • Obstruct the investigation by obtaining defense counsel immediately, refuse a polygraph, demand a search warrant, and immediately become unavailable and incommunicado, even if that means residing in a Motel 6 or living in your vehicle until the heat dies down.

  • Be sure to keep in touch with your star "witnesses" by continuing to call them, even during vigils, funerals, press conferences, and interviews. They will be particularly sympathetic to your plight if you maintain the role of victim.

  • Keep your appearance impeccable by insisting on manicures, a new wardrobe, makeovers, and hair coloring.

  • Always keep on hand a sizeable amount of cash to avoid having to go to banks or use your credit cards that would leave a paper trail of your purchases.

  • Liquidate the missing (or dead) loved one's property wherever feasible for ready cash or to replace it with something for yourself. You deserve it.

  • Enjoy your life! Eat, drink and be merry! Continue your recreational pursuits. You are entitled to the finest things in life. Your missing/dead loved one would not want you to mope.

  • Remodel the loved one's room into a den or extra storage space as soon as possible. There is no reason for that room to go to waste or become a shrine.

  • Have friends and family organize fund-raisers for the investigation with all the proceeds going to your private account to which you have easy access.
    Treat yourself to a vacation and some new jewelry as a reward for your psychological stress.

  • When you suspect you are being targeted as the offending party, or just before a court-ordered appearance, book a flight to South America, Mexico, Canada, or France, or anywhere extradition will be difficult. You can safely enjoy your well-deserved freedom for years.

  • Conduct selected interviews with carefully crafted questions and answers that emphasize your innocence. Should you be camera-shy, hire a public relations specialist to speak on your behalf, or enlist your brother-in-law to take up your cause in News Groups.

  • Last, but not least, hire Mark Geragos as your criminal defense attorney. This will signal your absolute, factual innocence to the public.


loretta said...

CG's summary of today's KFI update:

I sure hope Bob Brown is getting his money's worth here. That's $12,5K per page. Pretty good $$ and since it's not pro bono, according to the rule of Ted, it must be worthless.

Evidently to prove to the jury that Lauren's injuries (the ones that were in different directions) were caused by sliding, tumbling and falling and not being thrown--he showed the jury pictures (or a
video/DVD not sure) of a CAR crashing.

So Hum asks Yamaguchi about that. That car crashed on a flat surface, asphalt. A car isn't flexible. You can't compare a car to a little girl.

Hum also asked: I see you got your degree at MIT.

Take any classes from Dr Hayes?

You went to Stanford. any classes from Dr Hayes?

Answers were 'no' but at the time Dr Yamaguchi was going, Dr Hayes was a professor. Obvious implication: you were a student when my expert was a professor.

Yamaguchi's fee? $50K (more than Hayes)

Hum continued:
I see here in your 4 page report you say the trail is beautiful. What scientific aspect does this help us with?

Yamauchi said all he could think of out there was how beautiful it was there. Yadda. Yadda.

Hum under his breath "Thanks for volunteering that."

Geragos called the CalTech professor on the stand so Geragos can show DA/ expert shopped.

Dr Janice Ophoven on stand now. Certified in 1981 and hasn't renewed her boards since.

Still no Craig Albretin (Don't Die Guy). And of Cameron's friends from the marina that the defense was going to call committed suicide last week.

Anonymous said...

Did not know about someone in Redando Marina. He has plenty of folks who would stand up for him. It seems Mr. Garagos has not looked too hard.

Mgt said...

Glad Hum remembered to ask Yamaguchi if he was being paid for his testimony, and how much!

How stupid does this make GerEgo look?! Plus, he is ineffective.

Bob, get a refund! Your lawyer is as worthless as your son!

Mgt said...

No matter what you say, Anonymous friend, Cameron Brown changed his plans that day, to force a 4 year old girl to climb approximately 1.5 miles to an extremely dangerous cliff.

His wife was waiting at home and expecting him to pick Lauren up from school and take her back to their house.

Why? We know why, don't we...!? It is quite obvious.

Tell me; how would you react if you supposedly 'saw your child's feet disappear' over a cliff?

I know how I would react! And, it wouldn't be running in the opposite direction, to waste time looking for a phone (because I had deliberately left the one I brought in the car).

I would be beside myself with horror and grief. Not chuckling with bathers about getting their clothes on, because the police were arriving.

Give me a big fat break!

If I have any of the events of that day a little skewed, I apologise, but, that is the way I understand the events of that horrible day!

That poor, precious little girl.

Now, what kind of person would slander the Mother of this child?! Birds of a feather, and all that...

Surprise, surprise! It was all Lauren's fault, according to Cam Brown.

He's toast!

Anonymous said...

There are definitely shades of Kaldis going on here.

If Cameron said he has never been to that spot before, who DID you go there with?

I can understand someone wanting to defend a friend; just remove your blinkers, first.

Then update yourself with the facts, before making false statements.

The people you are challenging, here, know their facts.

Mgt said...

Where the heck is the car park?

He must have had to push and shove poor Lauren all the way to the top.

Knowing how upset she was that day, there is now way on God's Green Earth, that child was skipping and chasing butterfies on the way up that trail.

She was just too young to know how to put into words, the fact that she knew he was evil.

I feel sick to my stomach, thinking about how long he had to change his mind, but didn't. Pig!

Anonymous said...

I think it is strange that most of the pictures on the website were taken on the same day. It looks like that whole "party" was staged.

Mgt said...

Ya think!?

Mgt said...

Actually, I would put money on the fact it was staged.

How long was this creep planning his daughter's demise!


Anonymous said...

On it looks like there is a blurred wall hanging on the right side of CaMoron, over his shoulder with Lauren sitting in the chair that says "All American Family". Very subtle...evil. That poor kid....

CountryGirl said...

Ted said the birthday party was at Cameron's mother's house. Of course, if Ted says it, it must be true.

To me it looks like it's on a servive porch or enclosed porch. Lauren does not look happy, IMO. Where are the other children or family?

Mgt said...

Yamaguchi is going to look like a real idiot, once the jury gets to IP.

He should have kept his trap shut!

Imagine, calling it a place of beauty, knowing that such an appalling tragedy had taken place there.

Let me tell you, feeling the way I do about heights, wild horses wouldn't drag me up there.

He must have poked and prodded that poor child to get her up there. Evil bastard!

Anonymous said...

Hey MGT,

Do you have a life? Did someone do your wrong when you were a child? Cam was not the creep you are as at least he did not sit around getting aroused by watching a murder trial and then blogging on the internet. Get to some facts about the case instead of thinking Cam was trying of ways to kill Lauren at her birthday party. I know him and your perception is nowhere near accurate. I know more than you about this as I have spoken to both sides. You are just a onlooker who has no idea about the truth.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Let's all be anonymous! Then we can claim to know or be anything we want!

How is Mgt a bigger creep than Cam? He's the one on trial here, not Mgt. Unfortunately for you, you are going to have a real uphill battle if you are going to police the boards for negative opinions of Cam.

If you know a different truth, you'd better run to the courtroom to clear things up, because it isn't looking too good for your friend.

holmes said...

I listened to the 4pm radio broadcast and no mention of the case. Anyone know if it was discussed earlier in the show?

BTW, anonymous, unless you were at IP with Cam the day Lauren died, you know no more than anyone else that is following this trial.

The majority of the people posting are reading transcripts, news articles and following postings from people attending the trial.

Just because he's some old buddy doesn't mean you know anymore about what happened than we do.

I'll refrain from flaming you as you did Mgt, since you are obviously in denial & hurting.

Nadine said...

Good point. Since all CB's "friends" are anonymous, it's difficult to give them much credibility.

He's not on trial for selling bad Girl Scout Cookies.

Anonymous said...

Get a life folks

Anonymous said...

After you, sweetie.

Anonymous said...

It was discussed earlier than usual.

CB's Mom was on the stand today.

holmes said...

Any idea what happened? Was the testimony helpful for the defense?

Looking for a crumb here :)

FCB said...

Does anyone know the trial schedule? I know they are going to IP on August 2nd. Any idea if it is open to the public or how to get in???

CountryGirl said...

I think Geragos will finish by 8/1 and then the trip to IP on 8/2. I don't know if they will block it off to the public or not. Then closing statements 8/3 and SF mentioned today the jury should begin deliberations by Friday 8/4. That seems to be the gameplan.

CountryGirl said...

holmes, I have been out all day and missed the show. Another friend listened and said Cam's mother Lynne Brown was on the stand. Geragos was sick and Pat Harris did the direct for the defense.

She said she felt guilty because Cameron asked if he could bring Lauren by and she said she had her hands full with the grandmother who has Alzheimer’s. Hum made the point on cross that she felt guilt and was far removed (Cameron didn't and he was there the day Lauren died).

TamiAnn said...

Hi It is very frustrating trying to follow this case because there is not much available. I try to read here at least once daily to get the latest. Thanks for your insights and info.

CountryGirl, I thought I had read somewhere (sorry, forget where now) that Cam Brown and his mother were at odds with one another and CB did not want Sarah to contact her or for Lauren to have a relationship with her grandmother. Am I confusing this with another case? I thought CB kept Lauren FROM his mother?

For the life of me I cannot imagine what info Lynne Brown could offer in this case. Any idea what her line of testimony consisted of? Heck, did she even attend the "birthday party"? I saw no one else's photo with Lauren other than daddy pops.

This case is a tragedy and I do believe that the jury will find this murderer guilty.

loretta said...

Breeze's latest on the trial:


As far as the field trip to IP, I don't think they could make it private, so people could probably tag along.

loretta said...

Sarah testified that Brown said disparaging things about his mother and undermined her to Lauren.

I can't believe Sarah would just make that up, and it's in the GJ as well as the trial transcripts; which means if she were lying it would be perjury.

I'm more inclined to believe that now Cam's life is on the line, Lynn Brown is going to embellish and revise history to reflect a better person than her son really is.

Anonymous said...

"When gravity meets Bugs Bunny?" Best line of the week. "I thought there was supposed to be an earth-shattering 'Kaboom!'" said Marvin the Martian.

"I know him and your perception is nowhere near accurate. I know more than you about this as I have spoken to both sides." Sounds like Ted Kaldis is back, hiding under the cloak of anonymity.

Ted has been saying that they paid Hayes something like four times the going rate and yet, the Browns paid Yamaguchi even more? Talk about high-priced streetwalkers.

"Get to some facts about the case." What "facts" are we supposed to get to, O Anonymous One? (Cue music from Animal House, as used by Al Franken at the end of his show) What have we learned this month?

We learned that Cam was an emotional person, who cried when his Baywatch-babe girlfriend left him. We learned that, while Cam's other girlfriends were notably younger than him and drop-dead gorgeous, Patty Kaldis Brown was a large and slovenly older woman who was simply drop-dead. We learned that, contrary to what Ted claimed (and by biblically acceptable proof), Lauren followed Cam up the IP trail. We learned that Cam spent five minutes talking with the 911 operator, and even chuckled during that conversation, rather than going straight to the water in the desperate hope of finding poor Lauren alive. We learned that Cam routinely acted with a reckless disregard for Lauren's safety. We learned that Cam knew that he had fathered Lauren before she was born, and he was trying to get out of child support even then. We learned that, again contrary to what Ted claimed, at the time of the incident, the Browns were under considerable financial pressure, as Patty was out of a job and only had about a month's worth of cash reserves on hand, and Cam was bouncing checks like Dwayne Wade on amphetamines. We learned (from Ted!) that Shannon Farren of KFI was fairly and objectively reporting the courtroom proceedings. We learned that the slope Lauren 'tumbled down' only had a slope of 39 degrees, which means that she would have stopped almost immediately (you can try this one at home on a grassy slope). We learned that Dr. Wilson Hayes should raise his billing rates, as he is comparatively underpaid. We learned that Loretta's new blook will be entitled "The Playbook on Grief," and that Mark Geragos will be getting an autographed copy. We even learned that the Department of Homeland Security is on the job, apprehending Ted before he could detonate his homemade "H-bomb."

And finally, we learned that Ted Kaldis has been lying about this case from day one.

TamiAnn said...

Thanks Loretta for the link to the Daily Breeze article & response.

Seems like Cam Brown's mother is recreating history - or at least, her version of it.

Here he is a grown man and she thinks it is OK for a grown man to be "not always as protective of his daughter as he should be"? She attributes that lacking as being a new father - so is every man that becomes a father for the first time!

I'm not sure where the Strand is (I thought it was in San Francisco area) nor Manhattan Beach. I guess it is near IP or at least near where they all live?

Actually Mother's testimony seemingly is prejudiced and irrelevant. Her accounting of CB's emotions mean very little. My sons do not show the same emotion in my presence as they do with their wives. So, what is her point? Showering Lauren with gifts? Hmmm, Sarah never mentioned that, did she?

I haven't read the GJ transcipts so don't know what Sarah's testiminy is about VB's relationship with Lynne Brown. Are the transcripts posted somewhere online?

Anonymous said...

August 2nd will be a big day as Cam gets to go along with the Jury to IP. He will be sitting in a helecopter helping recreate the scene.

Anonymous said...

I hope someone tosses Cameron Brown out of the helicopter right over the site of Lauren's death.

Anonymous said...

Wow! A little emotion? Perhaps the thought of the blades hitting your head would be better. Get a life!

Anonymous said...

Hello...this must be Ted!

Mgt said...

Hey, Anonymous! True, I don't have much of a life, but that is neither here, nor there. This case I find to be exceptionally appalling.

I would like to see justice done, because of the extent of cruelty involved, both to the child and the Mother.

I think Cam Brown is a cold-blooded killer. And, I think you are naive!

Guess what. Nobody (other than you) actually cares what I's only an opinion.

Mgt said...

So, Cameron was planning on taking Lauren to his Grandmother's!?

I wonder how high off the ground her apartment is (was)?!

Seems that his mother was trying to make out that Lauren got a bit close to the railings of the balcony on occasions....! If I read those excepts correctly.

Possibly, IP was plan 'B'.

Anonymous said...

I like my idea of Cam getting tossed out of the helicopter. Sorry Ted, I am just trying to save the taxpayers some money. Do you pay your taxes? He should be convicted for taking Lauren up there in the first place. Your sister needs the help and encouragement to get into couseling and detath from this devil. She is going to lose everything and if this jerk is ever released he will go out and celebrate with another Baywatch Bunny.

Mgt said...

Ted, it really is time to start preparing your sister for the worst scenario.

Remember, if she loses her home, so do you!

You can show support for Cameron, without ruining your sister in the process.

Eh, why should I care...!

"There are none so blind as those who will not see".

fuh que said...

I was Cam's friend for many years. For a long time I could not believe that one of my best friends could be capable of commiting such a horrible crime against his own child. I was a strong advocate for Cam and wrote and spoke with many of our mutual friends and even strangers in hopes of raising support for somebody who I thought was innocent. I sent Cameron books and accepted several hundred dollars worth of phone calls from Cameron Brown. (interestingly enough, he never mentioned Lauren at all, not once in our conversations). For the first few years of this case there was not very much information about the days events when Lauren was killed. However, thanks mainly to Loretta's site I was able to get much more information, such as the Grand Jury testimony, etc. Other sites also began posting lots of damning evidence against Cameron Brown. Finally, and it was very
difficult , I had to face the fact that all of the evidence out there pointed to Cameron Brown's guilt. I also weighed all of the events that I could recall about Cameron Brown surrounding Sarah, Patty, and Lauren. I remember Patty telling me that Sarah was beating Lauren and that they were going to attempt to get custody of Lauren and then a short while later Cam called me to tell me that they were moving to Utah. I then asked Cameron "So, you got custody of Lauren ?" Cam said "no" he explained that Sarah's husband had offered to adopt Lauren and that he would be free of any responsibility for Lauren. I regret not pressing him about this but I guess that's why I was his friend for so long, because I never demanded accountability of him. I just thought he was another uninvolved father and there are millions of those (it is very rare to go from an uninvolved dad to a child murderer. and I had never seen Cameron behave in a violent way. however, the first time is always the first time, right?) I wish that I had questioned Cameron and Patty about it but I had no idea what was really going on with them. I dont live or work around them and only saw them on holiday. You will notice that most of the letters of support for Cameron Brown on his pathetic website come from people like me, not people who worked with Cam and Sarah. (I didn't know how much of jerk he was being to Sarah till the information was posted in cyberspace) I almost met Lauren once, and I met Sarah all those years ago when Cam brought her out here for a ski trip, and I would like to tell her how sorry I am for her and her family, that this whole thing really tore me up inside. To people who are calling Cameron Brown's supporters jerks, I would ask them if they have ever made an error in judgement? or ever been betrayed by a friend?, if not, they should write their life story about their perfection, I'm sure that it would be a great read. You "perfect ones" also need to keep in mind that Sarah at one time was interested in Cameron Brown enough to make a baby with him. He was not walking around throwing kids off of cliffs on a daily basis (I believe this only happened once.) He also worked as a baggage handler for many, many years, so his employer's did not see the "monster" either. Besides, you should not make the assumption that just because somebody wrote a letter of support years ago (before so much evidence was posted on the internet and available to read) that they still want their letter on that website. I have tried to get my letter taken off of Ted's website for a long time now, but he refuses to remove it. Who knows how many other letter writers have had the same experience with Ted. If Ted would have removed my letter, I would have just watched this whole thing play out (with, hopefully Lauren's family getting some type of justice. My feeling is that once the jury goes up to that bluff, they will have to convict Cameron Brown for murder). That is in a large part why I am writing this letter, it is because of Ted. It also seems that any of the current letters of support come from "anonymous" is this also Ted?
This is Ted's response to my last attempt (fourth) to get my letter taken off... (from just last week)
Ted: "Your letter is NOT coming off right now. You have been duped. If you have been reading news accounts, you have NOT gotten the spirit of what has been presented in the courtroom. This case will soon be over, culminating with, hopefully, the acquittal of Cameron Brown. Once that happens, the website will be taken down. You believe WRONGLY what you believe about Cameron Brown. It seems to me that you are a very weak-minded individual who is easily deceived and manipulated. Lauren was NOT "murdered". Lauren died as the result of a VERY tragic accident."
That's it, just wanted my side of the story out there, and now I will just watch our justice system in action along with everybody else. Peace, Jon

Ronni said...

Thanks for the letter, Jon! We had heard that certain of the letter-writers from the website had wanted their letters taken down, and that Ted had refused to do so.

I wonder if he meant that the site would come down when the trial was over, or when Cam is acquitted. Could be two very different things!

Your letter from Ted sounds like his drivel on the message boards. He has been wrong, lied, and misled people so many times over the course of this investigation and trial that we have lost count.

Mgt said...

That was not easy for you, I'm sure, John H.

The very fact that Cam Brown blamed Lauren for the accident, is the clincher for me.

He is not a parent's backside, IMO. His Mother is only making excuses. No-one wants to believe they gave birth to a person who lacks empathy, and is a cold-blooded killer.

I mean, what would her friends think?!

Don't worry about your letter, John. Most people who read about Cam Brown, have got Ted's 'number', In other words, they know he is a Kook!

Mgt said...

I apologise for spelling your name wrong, Jon

Another Friend said...

Lynn Brown all but called her son a premeditated killer. When all the other "accidents" didn't happen, like Lauren didn't fall off the table from the 2nd floor balcony, or fall into the water and drown from the sailboat, or get hit by a car when Brown threw her luggage in the street...he threw her off the cliff.

He probably took her up there to get her to fall off and when she didn't, he gave her a toss.

He's one of those bastards who put rocks in a bag of kittens and throw it in the water. He's where he belongs.

Barbara said...

Thanks Jon. I understand completely. I've been fooled by people before only to discover that they were not what I thought they were. It happens to everyone.

I appreciate you taking the time to tell your side.

Ronni said...

Mark Geragos has some odd ideas of what will help his client. This constant harping on The Playbook For Grief only serves to draw attention to the fact that his client showed NOTHING, appropriate or otherwise.

And putting his mom up to say what a lousy parent he was, and how he endangered Lauren constantly can't help the case, either.

Barbara said...

If you have to use someone's mother as a character witness, you have to be desperate. Nobody expects a mother to ever say anything bad about her son. I guess Ted and Patty will be next. That should just about seal the guilty verdict.

Ronni said...

The trip to IP is going to do that. All the mothers in the world can't counteract that. Nothing but a station wagon full of nuns will save him now!

Barbara said...

Isn't that trip coming up like today or tomorrow?

Ken said...

I don't *know* that it's Ted, Jon, but I'd lay odds on it.

I'll stick to my prediction that there is no way to know how this or any other jury will decide, but Ted's treatment of you is entirely consistent with his documented lack of character. It appears to me that the only reason why he would refuse to remove your letter is that you are not the only writer who has asked that his letter of support be removed. A fellow who posts as "Burnout Bill," who is also of long acquaintance, has expressed similar suspicions that Cam is one who could have done this, and others have contacted Loretta privately. However, he suggested that Cam was also a petty thief, who routinely stole cameras and such from luggage at LAX.

I certainly don't think you should be judged by your initial loyalty to a friend, unless that judgment is a positive one. I'd like to think I don't have any friends who are capable of such a crime, and my first inclination would be to deny that s/he did it. However, you have to be commended for considering the evidence, and recognizing that, as much as you don't want to, that it is sufficient to enable you to believe that he did it.

While we don't know what kind of guy Cam is, we certainly know what kind of man Ted Kaldis is (see In short, his only redeeming quality is his undying loyalty to his sister. I think I can say that it doesn't surprise any of us that he would treat you so badly.

Charlie said...

The trip to IP is scheduled for Wednesday according to SF on KFI today.

Barbara said...

I just got the answer to my question. Geragos is expected to finish up tomorrow and the jury is going to IP on Wednesday.

The witness who will testify to Cameron supposedly screaming "don't die" is still expected to testify. Shannon said that she saw him today.

CountryGirl said...

I'm back. Jon, thanks for posting your information. It's deceitful to keep your letter up on that site when you have repeatedly asked for it to be taken down.

Now I am going to ask you to do something very difficult. I want you to contact Craig Hum to let him know that Cameron did tell you about the adoption. Geragos has made that issue a he-said, she-said and even put documents in front of the jury where Cameron states under oath the he never agreed to let Sarah's husband adopt Lauren.

If you want to email me I will get you his contact information. I hope you will seriously consider it because the trial is almost over and the jury deserves to know the truth.

My email address is:

loretta said...

Here are some notes a couple of friends took for us:

Series of witnesses to testify to the character of Cameron Brown
including one guy that hasn't talked to him in 10 years.

Guy that was there in the area of the cliff (Terry Hope) saw Cameron
and Lauren 4 times that day.

Claimed she was running 3-15 feet in front of Cameron. She was smiling,

Prosecutor in cross got the witness to say that Cameron gave him a look
and that he spoke to the child in an impersonal way.

Cameron was encouraging Lauren along the way. (Come on, honey.)

He saw them only half way up the cliff.

Field trip on Wednesday. Geragos expected to finish up tomorrow
His Mom talked about CB going to bereavemnet classes last Friday. (new

It was the man that whipped out the fingernail clippers that had the
book, _Sex Life of Cannibals_ according to Shannon.

First guy on stand Matt ?, the first Puyblic Defender for CB. He had a
conversation with the man that performed the autopsy, GerEgo asked him
(Dr. CW) if the autopsy proved that Lauren was thrown, and he said "of
course not."

He testified for the prosecution that her injuries do prove that she
was thrown.

EB was next. Brother of CB. Youngest brother. Platoon sargent for the
National Guard.
Full uniform. Talkes about how CB never cared about money.

He said that CB's lifestyle did not require a lot of money and on cross
Hum brought out that he had 2 boats, a motorcyle, a big army style army
truck. And then Hum said "Are you trying to sway the jury with your
uniform? Don't you have any other clothes you wear, do you wear your
uniform every day?"

To be continued.

loretta said...

And GerEgo was so desperate, he called a witness who hadn't spoken to Brown in 10 years.

Nadine said...

His brother showing up in full uniform was priceless.

fuh que said...

to I understand your concern about this case, but I could not testify about something happening if I didn't actually see it happen. Sorry, I wasn't there when he is purported (since I did not see this actual event take place) to have formally agreed to the adoption with Sarah. I'm sorry, I guess that this will always be a "he said, she said" and I don't know why he didn't agree to the adoption,and why they didn't move to Utah. I guess only Cameron and Patty know why. P.S. the trial will be over when the reach the cliff.

CountryGirl said...

Jon, I understand you didn't witness anything but you said Cameron told you that Sarah's husband was going to adopt Lauren and that contradicts what his defense is saying to the jury.

I know the defense rests tomorrow and Hum might not even call rebuttal witnesses, but thanks anyway.

Mgt said...

Jon, you surprise me!

This evil bastard, took a defenceless 4 year old up in his arms and threw he off a 120' cliff, knowing how terrified she was of being up high.

What chance did she have? The horror I feel for that child in her last moments on this earth, make me shiver.

You probably have more information than you know.

This is a heinous crime! Let the jury know the truth. His only reason for lying is, GUILT!

Please, help nail this bastard!

Apologies for the language..

fuh que said...

mgt... My opinion is based for the most part on what I have read here and at Lorettas site. Probably just like you. Cameron definately never discussed what happened with me, and in a nut shell,I wasn't there to see what happened. I never even got to meet Lauren. I understand your frustration, but all I have is my opinion, just like you. Jon

Mgt said...

I must be mistaken, Jon.

I thought you said that Sarah and her husband wanted to adopt Lauren and Cam was relieved because he would no longer be responsible for the child?!

I believe you said that Cam TOLD you that...!

Ken said...

If Cam told you that, it would be received as an admission against interest, and you would be a valid rebuttal witness. Please consider it, as there is barely enough time for you to get on a plane.

Charlie said...


Yesterday in court Scott Honnen, (sp?) friend of CB since the 8th grade, told a story about when they were in HS they were driving around in a van and there was a bowling ball rolling around in the back. He said that he thought it would be a good idea when they got to the top of the hill to let the bowling ball out of the car. It bounced down the hill and came really close to hitting a car.

By any chance, are you a friend from HS? Were you in the van that day? If so, I'd like to hear your recollection of events.

CountryGirl said...


SF very disappointed! Never got to Don't Die Guy!

J&K---I knew it! Geragos always has a phantom witness.

J&K--I always thought he was a Geragos plant. Too many delays. Lead off immediately with this guy and he didn't do it. Just another hoax.

J--I think Geragos is a hack, relies on hoaxes. He phoned this one in. Brown family should be outraged.

Bob Brown kicked out, banned from the trial.

Patty is paying for Geragos, not Bob Brown.

Lien on PB's house. She lives in Ventura.

One of CB friends on stand yesterday. Questioned about a timeline. Witness said, "Was it 2004"? All of a sudden you hear "YES!"

Judge makes jury leave the room. Arnold asks, "Who was that? "Whoever it was isn't man enough to tell me that they just blurted something out in court?" Bob Brown admits it was him. Judge Arnold said that was enough, BB is out of the courtroom for the remainder of the trial!

BB-don't you want to hear what I have to say?

JA: No

BB: Well, I'll write you a letter.

JA: I don't want your letter.

BB: Well, I've already written it.

Hum wants jury to hike. JA said no.
Jury is going to 5 different locations. Last about 6 hours. SF says jurors will visualize this little 4 year old falling over the cliff. They've seen the pictures.

John disappointed in Geragos. Maybe not enough money since wife is financing.
$655K is what PBs home in Ventura Zillows.

J&K: Maybe he didn't charge as much as he did SP's parents.
Peterson=9 months; Brown=2.5 months

SF is going on field trip. J&K want SF to hike it. SF says not doing that mile and a half hike tomorrow.

Thursday will be closing arguments.

Jury will be deliberating Friday morning.

Jeff Leslie was rebuttal witness this morning.

Tomorrow is the field trip to IP.

Charlie said...

Thanks, CG!

holmes said...

Geragos and his make-believe witnesses. ROFL.

Any idea if Patty filed bankruptcy, if MG's fees would be discharged?

She's in a real pickle. Liens, judgements.

Ted better start looking for a new abode.

Patty's only way out is bankruptcy or if the Brown's save the day with some cash.

Still am surprised that Cam's parents didn't not $ help with his defense.

loretta said...

It's pretty obvious why GerEgo put Lynn Brown on the stand. After Sarah's testimony that Cam called his mother all sorts of disparaging things and discouraged a relationship between Lauren and her grandmother, he had to put up some kind of defense to that.

It was feeble and backfired, I think.

holmes said...

Umph, sure did after Daddy Brown's outbursts, Patty's sighs, and both their ousts from court.

The entire family look like loons.

Nadine said...

Isn't it obvious by now that anyone who hires Geragos as their defense attorney knows they're toast?

I mean, look at his track record, for crying out loud!

Mgt said...

Well, The fact that none of the major new channels have picked up on the Trial, says a lot about GerEgo's prowess as an attorney.

He is toast, just like his client!

There is not a hope in hell of Bob helping Patty financially. She is not of their percieved 'class', and will probably be blamed for this, somehow!

Poor(literally), sad, cow!

Mgt said...

I'd bet my last dollar that the Jury has not forgotten about the 'Don't die!' guy.

GerEgo is an idiot!

Prosecutors must be elated when they hear that 'Mark the Moron' is defending. They know they only need to be competent to win the case.

Leave the mumbo jumbo to the ugly idiot in the expensive suit. He is bound to expose the guilt of his own client.

Let's face it; only a real idiot doesn't learn from his mistakes.

tamiann said... Latest Breeze article.

So, Geragos, once again offers lots of puff but does not deliver in his defense. He called only 10 witnesses - 2 of which were his own family members and offered nothing of value? I thought Geragos said the case will last well into August since the Judge said he needed to call his own witnesses and not use Prosecution witnesses hearsay testimony as a subsitute?

Puff the magic dragon - oh Cameron is cooked for certain. It is a shame that as a lawyer, he offers so many promises to the paying family - yet delivers so incredibly little.

Mgt said...

Well said, Tamiann!

If we, mere onlookers, have managed to see through GerEgos, I have no doubt that the Jury will, too.

Patty should have cut her losses and kept her house.

Ted, on the other hand, is a lost cause, and is probably still spouting BS, somewhere!

Mgt said...

Many thanks to those transcribing details of the Trial.

CountryGirl said...

AnonyFriend thought Cameron would take the stand--and we all knew he would not. Hum would tear him a new one. Of course, NO defendant is required to take the stand and most defense attorneys would do everything in their power to keep their clients off the stand. The jury is not allowed to factor that into their deliberations--but most juries want to hear from the defendant.

I have to agree with John and Ken. Geragos called this one in. He put on a lame, limping case and to tell the jury in opening statements about the "Don't Die Guy" and then not produce him was damaging.

In his opening statement, Geragos said:






25 TO DO.


























Did he call the babysitter? Did he call the mediator?

rhonda j. said...

I am a personal friend of Sarah's and although I haven't been to the trial I'm just glad that it's almost over and that justice will finally be served. Sarah and her family (and friends) have waited a long time for closure and I'm relieved that people's eyes were open and they can see the 'truth'. I am convinced that if the jury walks the same steps Lauren did on the day of her death (as I did almost 6 years ago) they will know for certain that a child wouldn't sit or go near such a dangerous place. I have been praying that that Lord end this trial before Lauren's 10th birthday and it looks like that prayer will be answered this week. Thanks to all of you who see the truth in this case!

CountryGirl said...

Rhonda, thank you for sharing with us. I think of Sarah every day and pray she finds comfort and happiness. Give her my best, would you?


Barbara said...

My grandson is 5 now and I can't imagine how I would feel if someone took his life. I think of Sarah too and hope that she can find some peace.

Barbara said...
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loretta said...

Thanks to Charlie for taking notes during the KFI broacast today:

SF: Field trip day. It went very smooth, they thought it would take 6 hrs., but it didn’t. The first thing that struck her was CB himself. Chains on his wrists and feet, tennis shoes, jeans, a Hawaiian shirt, unbuttoned, with a surf style t-shirt underneath.

He normally wears a suit but this was casual day.

J/K: This was his child throwing outfit.

SF: He had no emotion on his face as we went from site to site. They started out in the parking lot where he parked that day. Then they went down to a pre-school playground, below the lot, pretty much on the beach. That’s where Lauren played initially.

J/K: Who conducted the tour?

SF: The Judge and the attorneys led everyone from point to point and at each point the attorneys would point out something that they wanted the jurors to see. Nothing really new that was really relevant, because they had seen everything in pictures. The prosecution wanted them to get a feeling about where this all was, and how dangerous it is.

They went up to Portuguese Bend, which is the first cliff you would have to hike over to reach IP. While they were there, looking east, to IP down the shore, a car drives by and someone shouts out “GUILTY!” A lot of people didn’t hear it. She said only a few of them heard that happen.

J/K: (Extreme laughter)- Mistrial- I’m betting $100.00 it’s a KFI listener!

SF: At this point she looks over at CB and he’s just staring out at the cliff, IP. He’s just looking over there and doesn’t have any emotion on his face. It struck her as intense.

J/K: If that was an accident, any normal person, any parent that went back to the point where their daughter died, would have been bawling. He’s standing there straight ahead and staring. That says anything you ever wanted to know about him.

SF: While they were up on PB, MG points out that not all the trails leading up to this are treacherous, and he was right. There were some trails that looked OK, that maybe CB choose to take little Lauren. No nude beachgoers.

SF points out something about the trails leading up to IP. There are some that are rough, and some that are not so rough. BUT, no two-ways about the trail that leads to the tip of IP. It is narrow, with huge shrubs (8 ft. tall) that line this tiny, tiny trail that leads there. There are railings there now but there were not any back then. One false step and forget about going to the tip, you are off the side of that thing right down to the beach. Very scary.

They got to the tip of IP and her stomach just sank, because they’ve been looking at pictures of this all along. Looking at pictures of Lauren playing, birthday parties, on playgrounds, trajectory videos of someone falling off this same cliff, the autopsy photos. It all came together right there on the tip of the cliff. She didn’t notice anything on the jurors faces. Some took a few notes. It was a very somber moment on the tip of IP. Very intense.

MG walks right up to the end of IP and acts like it's nothing.

The question of the day: One of the jurors (with the permission of JA) asks, “Where is the rock?” Important because CB told Detective Leslie he was sitting on a rock, a big flat rock, that would probably still be there 6 years later. He said he was sitting on a rock, 4 ft. away, when at one point he looked away and she was gone. THERE WAS NO ROCK!

There were specific bushes that were talked about, used as markers, not a rock. It didn’t disappear after 6 years. No one answered the jurors question.

There is a rock that could be described like that (one you could sit on) on the far west side of the cliff, but not near the area where she went over.

Mr. Hum: I certainly think it had an effect. Whether it was a dramatic effect, I’m not in a position to say, I’m not in a position to speak for the jury. Certainly, it was our hope that they could get a feel for the location and they could see for themselves whether the defendant’s version was reasonable once they got out here. Photos, even video tapes, can’t convey how dangerous, how treacherous, how threatening that is and certainly to a little 4 year old girl.

Geragos: Clearly if he was going to do something, he would push somebody. He didn't need to go out to the most dangerous area there and propel somebody off. So no, on the contrary, no, I think it was effective for us.

SF: He's talking about the narrow path that she was talking to them about where it just drops off. There weren't railings there 6 years ago. She said that MG makes a good point. If he wanted to push her off the cliff, he could have done it way before they got to the top of IP.

Mgt said...

Please! If he had pushed her before reaching the top, she may have survived and pointed the finger at him.

He needed to be 'sure', she wasn't going to survive.

Cold, evil bastard!

Mgt said...

I suppose, it is quite possible that GerEgos fed Ted the same BS that he fed the Jury.

He would have to, in order to warrant taking Patty's house. Wouldn't he!?

Mgt said...

BTW, I hope Bubba is feeling frisky!

Elizabeth said...

Don't you think the similarities of the SP trial and this one are skin crawling?

Hmmm, Geragos opens with a mystery witness. That witness never surfaces. The jury wants to view the sight where it happened vs. viewing the fishing boat.

Any other similarities? I mean does the guy just play each trial the same way.

And now he's taking someone's house for his poor performance. Absolutely incredible. He's gotta be a psychopath himself. No conscious.

Anonymous said...
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Breezy said...
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holmes said...

Breezy, I believe anonymous must be watching train wrecks too. Or stalking you :0

Not sure I'd call following a murder case, chasing accidents.

IMO, the state proved it's case, she was murdered at the hands of the male that helped bring her into this world.

I refuse to call him Lauren's dad, pop, daddy or father.

Anonymous said...

Do they call you Breezy becouse of the wind between your ears or your legs. Lots of folks are anonymous, and there is no reason to give myself a fake name like Breezy. Why do you not reveal your name??

holmes said...

Hmmm, anonymous, I'm thinking she calls herself Breezy because she lives in FL. Maybe on the beach? Nice breeze? But I am guessing.

What is your usual handle on the Internet? Rude, Crude?

I think you should stop following the train wrecks. You're projecting disrespect and anger towards online strangers.

Unless Breezy is not a stranger and you are stalking this person. Then you RL help.

loretta said...

Update above on newest KFI report. CG was at the trial today, we'll be hearing from her again soon.

Anonymous said...

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