Thursday, August 03, 2006

August 3 Update from KFI

Thanks to Charlie for this update.

CG was at the trial today and met the main players. We'll be getting a detailed report from her later.

Meanwhile, here is Charlie's transcription of the KFI update:

SF: Mr. Hum stood from behind the podium, very clear voice, strong, very organized. He pointed out from the get go that clearly this was a circumstantial evidence case. This CE case is just as good as direct evidence. The most important evidence we have seen, first hand. You saw the cliff, you saw the contours, the distances of the trails. We know from going out there that the defendants story, that this little girl lead him on the 1 ½ mile hike is a lie, and absolute lie. Innocent people don’t need to lie. (That was the reoccurring theme of his closing.)
He talked about from the beginning, CB never wanted a child, he was a bachelor, living the life of a bachelor on a boat, he wanted Sarah to get an abortion, from day 1 he didn’t want to be a father. Mr. Hum addressed the way CB treated Sarah, how he reported her to INS, how he had such anger for her, how CB would take Lauren out on his boat, he would pick Lauren up from school on his motorcycle. All these things CB did just to irritate Sarah. He used Lauren to get at Sarah. The only reason he requested more visitation was to get his CS reduced.
Next was the reaction of Sarah to the fact that Lauren had died. She was hysterical, vomiting, and hyperventilating. This is how a parent reacts.

He then talked about Lauren. She was a “girly girl”, scared of heights, that when the babysitter (she took care of her since she was 2 months old) went out to IP, she said Lauren would NEVER have wanted to come out here. She would have been scared out of her mind. 2 months before Lauren was launched to her death, she went on a Christian camping trip and all the kids went on the trip but Lauren stayed back. Lauren never wanted to hike, she was scared of worms. (SF said she saw more than 2 or 3 spiders out there yesterday that even she was scared of.) Lauren didn’t like to walk, even when the babysitter took her to the park 2 blocks away, Lauren wanted to be taken in the stroller.It was pointed out that this would have been a 3 mile round trip hike, 5K.

(Good point.)

CB had said that he was going to take Lauren home that day, but that she was upset when he picked her up and that’s why he decided to take her to the beach. Mr. Hum said, “Why did he have a camera? He never had a camera on any of her other visits?” There were pictures of CB and Lauren together, but other people were taking the pictures. “Now all of the sudden he has a camera and he’s snapping pictures of her in the parking lot and the playground. Where are the pictures of her at the top of IP? There was plenty of film.” CB offered the camera up that night to investigators saying that he had pictures of her and that she was happy.
He talked about the different versions CB gave that night during interrogation. There were different versions because CB was lying. Once again, innocent people do not need to lie. You can hear on the 911 tape that he is apologizing to the naked guy that emergency crews are going to be coming out.

During the interrogation the detectives said to CB, this is your fault, and CB said, “No it’s her fault, she’s the one who wanted to go up there.” He never referred to Lauren by her name during the entire time.

They also showed CB a Polaroid picture of Laurens’ smashed face and CB didn’t react.
SF is sitting next to Sarah. At this point the whole courtroom is sobbing. Nick from the Breeze told SF at the break that he saw one of the jurors sobbing, she didn’t see it. It was really gut-wrenching at that point. CB didn’t react at the cliff, the picture, etc. The character witnesses the MG dug up? He puts his mother, brother, and someone CB hasn’t seen or talked to in 10 yrs.? Real impressive. He puts his mother up there to say he was nice. Where’s the Don’t Die Guy? We never heard from the one’s that were promised in OS because they don’t exist.
Geragos: Geragos gets right in front of the jury, right up there. They are trying to demonize CB. That’s the only way you can reconcile the idea that he would throw his “beloved” 4 yr, old off the cliff. He’s not a demon, he’s a human being.

Reasonable doubt was next. It only takes a small amount of doubt and your conviction is out the window. It doesn’t matter if you like or don’t like my client, (shades of Peterson?) that doesn’t give you grounds to convict.

He talked about there were not 3 different versions that night, in the detectives notes there was only one version that CHANGED A FEW TIMES. OK.
Put yourself in CB’s shoes, he meets this woman at a bar, within a week they have sex, then you get a call that she’s pregnant, wouldn’t you question the paternity? Right out of the box she’s pregnant?

SF said that what he was getting at was that he didn’t want an abortion; he wanted to check the paternity.
He went on to talk about how much CB drove to see his daughter. Look at all the traffic his client endured.

Terry Hope was brought up next. When she went out there yesterday, she said that he saw her closer to IP than she could tell in the courtroom pictures. TH testified that when he saw them she was happy, smiling and she was leading. Geragos said that's enough reasonable doubt alone. The way you need to look at reasonable doubt is imagine jurors, one of your friends or loved ones is accused of something horrendous and you're skeptical, you need to go into this with the same doubt as if it was one of your loved ones, until there’s evidence/proof that he or she did the crime. We have no evidence that CB threw this little girl off the cliff. There is evidence that he loved her. There are pictures of him at birthday parties, smiling and hugging and he drove all that way to see her. Even if you have a strong suspicion, that’s not enough to convict him.
The jury gets the case tomorrow morning according to SF. Geragos wasn’t done when she was reporting. Hum still has his rebuttal.


Anonymous said...

I heard the KFI report and the calls afterwards. Popular opinion in south CA is that Cam is guilty.

Two witnesses for the pros. called into the radio station.

#1 I think was the guy reading a book that saw them both last. The person Geragos went after for having questionable motives for being at IP. He said lauren looked unhappy and believes he is guilty.

#2 The mother of the girl that checked them in at the park. She was so choked up with emotion that she started to cry. Her daughter has now dedicated her life to helping children because of this experience. She believes Cam is guilty.

loretta said...

I just got off the phone with CG. She was at trial today and met many people who read the blog and have been following our reporting and analysis.

She said Hum did a great close. He was pacing (but not smoking, heh) before his remarks like a caged lion. He was very effective, per CG.

GerEgo mentioned that Brown drove all those miles and spent all that money on gas (which proves he was a great dad, right), and CG said there were audible groans at some of his remarks.

GerEgo's exuse for Brown not calling Sarah after Lauren died? Oh, he was married to Patty, so that made sense. Riiiight.

Hum must have thought the same way we did when he said that Patty was putting pressure on Brown to adopt Lauren. She wanted to usurp that position. It was a combination of jealousy, spite and insecurity.

Sounds like someone we know who is trying to do the same thing in my life, eh?

I think my insight into this case has a lot to do with my experience with people like Brown and Patty. They operate from a center of greed, stupidity and entitlement.

The jury gets instructions tomorrow morning. CG thinks they'll be out until early next week, but I think they'll take a day and a half, tops.

There isn't that much to deliberate. They probably have their minds made up already.

Here's to justice for Lauren - she would have been 10 years old at the end of this month.

Anonymous said...

To Jon H. and other bloggers on this site:

I am sorry that you didn't get to meet Lauren. You would have loved her. She was a bright ray of Sunshine. Full of the love of Jesus.

I will be glad when this is over. People need to find closure. I don't think Cameron realized the ripple effect his selfish act would have not only on Sarah but on so many people.

Let me just share a little bit of the grief that was experienced by so many people that hasn't been verbalized in the court proceedings, in the paper, or elsewhere, in order to bring you closer to who Lauren was and how much she was loved.

Did you know that at Lauren's Memorial her Step-father Greg sang "Would You Know My Name" by Eric Clapton? He could barely get through the song as he was overcome with emotion. As was everyone else there.

The church sanctuary was filled to capacity with men, women, and children, all friends and family of Lauren.

One woman next to me almost fainted from the emotional grief she experienced having seen Lauren's precious, little body in the casket.

A little boy touched Lauren's hand, shed a tear, and said good-bye to his friend.

Do you know how many children this affected? The church offered grief counseling /referrals to the children and their families to help them process Lauren's death.

What about her step-brother who always felt so protective of Lauren? A young child himself who took on the guilt of thinking that he could have done something to have prevented this. How adult of him, yet, not his guilt to claim. He was awesome to Lauren and loved her regardless of whether he was a blood relative or step-brother. When Lauren died so did a part of him.

And what about the younger brother Lauren will never know? I see so much of Lauren in his expressions and mannerisms.

Lauren is in Heaven with her Heavenly Father. There is no more pain or sorrow for her. Those of us who remain behind continue to grieve her loss. Our one hope, our faith, is in knowing that one day we will be reunited with Lauren.

Until then I pray that God's Will be done where Cameron is concerned. One day Cameron will come face-to-face with his Creator and will be held accountable for his actions. A punishment far greater than anything he could experience here on earth.

Lauren has a Memorial not far from the main road by the point. Perhaps someday you will stop by and take a moment to remember her and pray for the healing of her family.

holmes said...

Saddened that this little girl is dead. Someone that should have loved her is responsible for her death.

Prayers for Sarah.

Charlie said...

Our thoughts and prayers are with the family and the jurors tonight.

Ronni said...

Animals like Cameron don't think of anything beyond their own gratification. Once she was gone, he never spared a thought for those who loved her and will be missing her for the rest of their lives.

Nadine said...

I hope someday Mr. Brown finally is forced to realize what a horrible thing he did.

I doubt he'll ever feel true remorse for his crime, only for his own punishment.

He's deprived a vibrant little girl from growing up, living out her hopes and dreams. He's taken the light out of so many lives, not just Lauren's.

My thoughts are prayers are with Lauren and her family and friends who loved her so very much.

Deege said...

This trial is almost over and I pray there is justice for Lauren.

Admittedly I have not followed this case as closely as most people here, and that may be because it's just beyond comprehension that anyone might end a child's life this way - or in any way.

My prayers for Lauren's family that they might find peace.

CountryGirl said...

I am finally home from a very emotional day. I can't begin to tell you how it felt to be in that courtroom.

I will put together my notes, but it's too late tonight to even get started. I am emotionally and physically exhausted.

I was fortunate to sit with the family and friends today. I was welcomed with open arms and so much love that it still brings tears to my eyes just writing this. The grief Lauren's family is feeling is raw. Craig Hum give a powerful closing argument to the jury.

Tomorrow morning the lawyers will meet with Judge Arnold at 8:30am to go over the jury instructions. Then the jury will be brought in, given their instructions and go into deliberation.

Right now Sarah and her family need our prayers. So does the prosecution. Anyone who thinks Craig Hum took this case to trial to make a name for himself did not see the man I saw today.

Anonymous said...

Craig Hum took the case because he knew CB is guilty. Do some research on the pros. Graduated Stanford law, tops in class. Could get any job he wants. Convicted some gang bangers of killing that academy award winner from the killing fields in THREE SIMULTANEOUS trials. That's right - took on three defendents with three separate defense attorneys and three separate juries AT THE SAME TIME and beat them all. He'll get this coward CB, too.

CountryGirl said...

You're preaching to the choir here!

I was being sarcastic because Ted accused Hum of trying to get a promotion, get elected DA, make a name for himself, etc.

Mgt said...

Unfortunately, the Death Penalty is not on the table! That is what this pig deserves.

Let him spend 23 hours a day in his cell, where he may eventually realise the enormity of his crime. At the moment, that bastard, doesn't know what the big deal is about.

Geez, I hate him!

There will never be real peace for Lauren's family. Hopefully, Brown will get LWOP, and they will at least feel some satisfaction in that he will never have the 'freedom', he killed Lauren, for!

Mgt said...

To Craig Hum; Rooting for you, all the way from Scotland!

Your Scottish name, Craig, means "Rock", which I'm sure you are to Sarah and her family. Great job!

The name Cameron is also Scottish and means "Crooked nose"! Need I say more?! (His nose was certainly out of joint, having to support a child).

You are to be commended for your commitment to Lauren and her family.

Good luck! And, may Lauren rest in peace.

loretta said...


Link to Breeze's latest.

Good morning! I have some good stuff from CG and a couple of pictures of Lauren Key that are very nice if anyone would like to see them. Email me at

I will be posting CG's summary later today. It's riveting.

Elizabeth said...

Hmmm, Geragos is just using his "play book" for child & wife killers, isn't he? Let's demonize Cam and the prosecution is just using character assassination again. Just like SP.

Bob Brown should have put his money into a beautiful headstone for his grand-daughter. I guess he forgets that she was of his blood. She was his granddaughter.

All these rich, flakes out there in CA raising psychpaths. Peterson, Max Factor's heir, and now this one. Sheesh.

And Patty will lose everything she owns for this flake. I guess justice has been served in that case. She actually was researching how she could take Lauren away from her mother. How sick is that. Just for her own pleasure and satisfaction. Justice has been served, Patty.

My prayers are with Lauren and her family, especially her mother.

He's guilty with a capital G. Two juror's sobbing. I bet it will only take 6 hours.

Anyone else want to guess?

Elizabeth said...
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loretta said...

They could come back today by 4:30 PST.

I wouldn't be surprised.

loretta said...

CG's notes about Hum's closing above ^^^ new entry.

Anonymous said...

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