Monday, August 14, 2006

Jury Update Monday August 14th

KFI just reported the jury was still deadlocked today. The vote on Thursday was 9-3; Friday was 10-2 (SF said 9-2 but that is only 11). The issue reportedly is the element of murder: malice aforethought.

Craig Hum and Mark Geragos will each have a half hour to argue to the jury on that issue this afternoon. Evidently this is more common than reported; no jurors will be allowed to ask questions.

More later as it becomes known....


Gregg said...

This appears to be the best news in a while. This is an element of the first degree charge, but not of the lesser charge. It's also something that could be readily misinterpreted, particularly in regard to this defendant. I could see someone having questions about CB's ability to give any real amount of "forethought" to pretty much anything. The standard definition, though, readily available at isn't that stringent - it just means having the either intent to cause harm or basic "lack of care for human life" - that's clearly present here.

Lesa said...

What a sad day in our Criminal Defense System.