Saturday, August 05, 2006

Country Girl's Summary of the Defense Closing Arguments - and Rebuttal

Mark Geragos stood directly in front of the jury box when he gave his closing arguments. He likes to get up close and personal; I think it’s his way of pseudo-connecting with the hoi polloi. “I’m just the guy next door! You can trust me!” But he comes off as an oily used-car salesman. He started out by saying that most lawyers despise coming on right after lunch because the jurors tend to nod off. (Then he taps the jury box railing. Don’t you dare fall asleep during my swan song!)

He said he only gets to speak once—Hum gets another chance to talk after he’s finished, but Geragos only gets one chance to speak. (So listen up and listen good!)

This case is nothing more than an accident, he claims. The jury should come back with a not guilty verdict.

The prosecutor has demonized Cameron Brown, referring to him as The Defendant, calling Geragos the Defandant’s lawyer. They are dehumanizing Cameron Brown. They made him subhuman to the jurors. They portrayed him as a man without emotions. Oh, but he was a man with an endless capacity of love for his daughter.

He talked about Inspiration Point. You (jury) went out there yesterday - the prosecution is trying this case on emotions. “If it looks dangerous you must convict!”

He talked about reasonable doubt and used visual aids to show the jury instruction about reasonable doubt. Read it to them like they were kindergartners.

He said the jury needs to look at what the evidence said, not what the prosecution wants you to believe. He said the prosecution said innocent people don’t have to lie. Sarah lied! Sarah lied when she said Cameron Brown laughed on the phone. You heard the tapes and there was no laughter. The prosecution said they broke up because Sarah was pregnant. The fact is they broke up over an argument about a car loan.

He showed the birthday pictures again of Lauren and Cameron. This reminded me of the famous “curling iron” picture he kept showing the jury in Peterson. He seems to hone in on one image and reiterate its alleged significance over and over again hoping just one juror will have a Ger-Eureka moment.)

He showed the jury the email to the CalTech professor, Joel Burdick, where Danny Smith asked if Burdick could use “magic” to prove Lauren was thrown. Why did the defense have to show this to you? What did the prosecution have to hide it? They never called Danny Smith. They never called the last person to see Lauren alive. It would have been the neutron bomb of their case. (This was Terry Hope. On cross—he said Cameron gave him a strange look and he told detectives he felt “something was wrong.” Similar to Diane Jackson who saw a white van parked across the street from Laci Peterson’s house the morning of December 24 who “looked at her funny.” Does anyone else see a pattern, here?)

He said that his cross of Hayes dismantled his testimony. (More Gera-Logic.) He showed a video of Hayes’ assistant with a harness and went on about how the rope got tight and that’s what kept him from falling forward, not the laws of physics.

He said the prosecution doesn’t want to tell you about another choice of involuntary manslaughter. The jury will receive instructions tomorrow about that.

He hammered Jeff Leslie for not taping the interview with Cameron Brown and told the jury they will receive instructions about statements made by a defendant out of court to police officers and that they should be taken with extreme caution. (Hindsight is 20/20.)

Yet he turned around and said that the witness who gave Cameron the cell phone at the nude beach said Cameron sounded much more frantic than he did on the tape and so the jury should go by what the witness said an not so much the tape. Keep in mind that Geragos cherry-picks what he wants the jury to consider, regardless of its inconsistency. Yes, let’s bash the cops for not taping the interview but instruct the jury to disregard the same cop’s eye-witness testimony about Brown’s demeanor.

He talked about how Brown spent six hours with law enforcement, but was expected to call Sarah after that? To what end? He’s married to Patty! (This elicited audible groans from the gallery.)

He said that if defendants don’t have an “Oprah-style moment”, they are considered guilty. If Cameron reacts—he’s condemned. If he doesn’t—he’s condemned. He’s damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t. (Geragos hasn’t yet written the playbook on how accused murderers should act in court, eh?)

He brought up the financial issues (Cameronomics) and said there was no evidence that Patty didn’t share her money with Brown. He said the prosecution even got his fee of $250K in front of the jury, which is cheap for three lawyers on a case for three years.

He also mentioned the guy who yelled “Guilty” at IP during the trip. I haven’t a clue why he would bring that up---but it woke me up because I was nodding off about then.

He said they (the prosecution) are going to slam Cam. That’s their case. So when the prosecutor does his rebuttal, think of things to rebut him. (Yeah, he actually said that in so many words)

4pm - Hum’s Rebuttal

It’s not your job to rebut my argument as the defense just asked.

The defendant’s lawyer didn’t deliver what he promised in opening statements. Where’s the Don’t Die Guy? If the defendant’s lawyer wants to bring witnesses or evidence that we don’t—we aren’t hiding anything—they are free to bring it themselves. Nothing stopped them from doing that.

The defendant’s lawyer implied that Jeff Leslie lied about the defendant’s story. If Jeff Leslie was going to make up a story, wouldn’t it be a better story to say that 10 minutes into the interview the defendant confessed? Why make up this story? It makes no sense. Jeff Leslie has no reason to lie.

We have to include involuntary manslaughter because it’s the law…we don’t want you to convict him on that. He’s guilty of first degree murder. We know the truth!


Barbara said...

This makes his closing sound better than the news articles. Those sounded very disjointed and without a real purpose; like he jumped all over the place.

Of course it's still classic MG. What he thinks is a big deal isn't. I never did get the emphasis on the curling iron in the Peterson case. It made no sense. It was as if he really believed in his mind that that one item proved that there was no way SP could have murdered his wife. Just as he believes that because Terry Hope saw Lauren ahead of CB at some point on the mile and a half hike and she was acting playful proves that CB couldn't have killed her. The man is insane. He should run some of these things past focus groups before he opens his mouth.

Thanks again CG. It's great to have a first hand view that isn't Ted's.

CountryGirl said...

tamiann said...

Excellent job CG and thank you.

For an attorney considered to be "high profile" he sure is unimpressive. Lack of imagination in closing arguments as well as a disappointing defense case in chief. I do believe hiring Geragos is a sure sign of a LOSER defendant, GUILTY defendant and a CONVICTION. What truly amazes me is the lack of logic used by Geragos during his arguments to the jury (e.g., witnesses not called by the prosecution - DUH!- call the witnesses yourself,, Geragos!). Does Geragos believe the jury to be stupid or is it HE is that stupid?

CG, I am curious if you saw Ted and Patty at all during the time you spent at the Courthouse? If so, can you describe their reactions? Can you describe what Patty looks like? Does she look like Ted? (shudder).

Did Sarah of family and friends of Sarah - or family and friends of the defendant go up to IP when the jury took the day trip? Were courtroom spectators not allowed on IP during that time?

Talking with Sarah and her friends/family, did you get the impression that they felt confident in the Prosecutions case?

I am glad she has a solid support system for her at the courthouse.

12:50 PM

tamiann, email me. Thanks!

holmes said...

Geragos, once again hangs himself with his fantasy witness.

It is still mind boggling that an atty would get up and promise to deliver fictional people. He might as well pull out the noose and hang his client in court.

CG & Loretta, thanks for all the info and hard work. It is much appreciated.

Keep on being the voice for justice.

Prayers for Sarah and her family.

Barbara said...

Going to light my candle for tonight.

When I was cleaning today I came across a bright red candle in a heart shaped glass candle holder that has "Love" and variations on it. I'm using that one for Lauren.

CountryGirl said...

That's sweet Barbara!


CG, I am curious if you saw Ted and Patty at all during the time you spent at the Courthouse? If so, can you describe their reactions? Can you describe what Patty looks like? Does she look like Ted? (shudder).

Patty was a no show on Thursday, so I have no idea if she looks like Ted (he was there).

Did Sarah of family and friends of Sarah - or family and friends of the defendant go up to IP when the jury took the day trip?

No, as far as I know, they did not go on Wednesday. They have been there before--but not that day.


Were courtroom spectators not allowed on IP during that time?

That I do not know. There was a ton of press there that day but I don't know if any spectators were allowed in the area.

Anonymous said...

inside word is Cam is going free next week.

loretta said...

oooh. Inside word? Do we have an agent provocateur? I'd be happy to wage serious money on this, "anonymous" one.

Nadine said...

From inside what looney bin is this coming from?

I seriously doubt it's anything more than wishful thinking on CB's part.

Barbara said...

He'll never be free even if the jury would acquit (which is doubtful based on all the evidence and the lack of a credible defense.) He has to live with what he did to that beautiful little child. He can never, EVER free himself from that.

CountryGirl said...

Inside the Men's Central Jail?

Inside Mark Geragos' mind?

Inside Ted's mind?

Inside what?

Did the jury send you a note?

CountryGirl said...


I just received confirmation that Judge Arnold only allowed the jury, defendant, law enforcement and attorneys to go to the crime scene on Wednesday. No family or friends were allowed to attend.

tamiann said...

Thanks CG for responding to all my questions.

That is interesting that the wife didn't attend the closing arguments. I wonder what is up with that? If I recall correctly from the Daily Breeze, PB had been removed from the courtroom for displaying annoying, judicial antics. I got the impression that was for the day and not for the rest of the trial.

I think the more they deliberate on this case, the more the jury will see the layers of circumstantial evidence that just does NOT allow them to ignore CB's guilt. I do believe they will find CB guilty of 1st degree w/ special circum. exactly as it should be.

Thanks for everyone's hard work on covering this trial. Without you all, there is just the Daily Breeze and google groups.

ken said...

"inside word is Cam is going free next week." Sounds like Ted is back, but doesn't have the balls to decloak.

I'd be surprised if even the jury knows what it is going to do at this point. Judging by the court of public opinion, at least nine out of ten people are going to convict on that evidence. There may be a compromise verdict, and there may be a hung jury, but the notion that twelve people have *already* decided upon acquittal is even more fanciful than Ted's most bizarre fantasies.

Ronni said...

I worry about what sort of real life meltdown Ted will have, should Cam be convicted. Will he just disappear? Or will he and Patty live on in a single-wide in Pasadena? What will he do in his spare time, start a "Cam is Innocent" site, complete with a message board on which he and Patty can post back and forth with each other, from seperate rooms in the trailer?

What Will Teddy Do?

CountryGirl said...

Ronni, WWTD? So funny!

Tamiann, Judge Arnold kicked her out but she was allowed back in the next day but she had to sit in the back corner. From the defense side, she couldn't see the jury and they couldn't see her. Where I sat, I could see the jury (they sat to the left of the prosecution) but I couldn't see the defense side. I wish I could put a drawing up so you could see the layout--but basically, the entry to the courtroom separates the two sides and if you sit in the back on either side, you can't see the other side.

tamiann said...

Thanks CG - that sounds like a weird layout for a courtroom. I'm having a hard time imagining it. No biggie though.

Does anyone have any idea as to why PB was not there for closing arguements?

Seems to me that would be something she would really want to hear especially since she has such a huge lien on her house for legal fees.

I guess I am different in how I view PB than some of the other forums I have read. Some ppl seemingly have sympathy for her. I do not. I think she is a FOOL - whether she believes CB or not - she is a FOOL. An educated woman who has a good job as an engineer taking in someone that is uneducated and unmotivated in bettering himself really seems out of character. Seemingly, she must have been very needy, desperate almost. Then, to have Lauren's death hanging over their head within months of their quickie marriage - well, all I can say is there isn't enough history between the two that would make the average person hang around and risk it all as she has done. She is a FOOL - not a saint - not a matyr - just a fool, IMO. CB's parents I can understand. PB and Ted, I don't.

I am very curious as to what she looks like. If she looks like Ted (shudder) than perhaps she truly was desperate for male attention. Any affection or attention was so needed by her that she would go to the ends of the earth for a man that said the right things to her. I really do not know PB or the way she looks, behaves or thinks. I am curious about her and what would make her tick.

CountryGirl said...

Speculation was that she didn't come because the media was all over the story the night before and she did not want to be on camera. Remember, Cameron put a shirt over his head the day Lauren died because he didn't want to be seen on camera either.

Mgt said...

Here's hoping that CB gets the max!

And, I don't think we will have long to wait.

May Lauren rest in peace and Sarah, at least, find some satisfaction that this bastard will remain behind bars.

Ted and Patty can just go back to their lives of squalor!

Mgt said...

What's the bet Gee-he's-gross asked Patty not to come to Court for 'Closing'.

Imagine feeding that to the Jury, just before they have to consider their verdict! I mean, really!

If the descriptions we have read, are accurate...! What an eyeful!

Ronni said...

Now, Mgt...Ted did say Patty got the cute genes.

Mgt said...

Now, Ronni, behave yourself! You have had me in fits once today, already!

Lets hope the 'fat' gene is not one of the good ones! Snort!

Okay, now, I'll behave.

Sarah, your precious little Angel will smile when this beast goes 'down'. May Lauren get the justice she deserves!

Breezy said...

Question of the day.

Why did Cam marry Patty?
Choose the best answer.

A.) She could not have children.
B.) She had a real job.
C.) She was stupid enough to say yes.
D.) All of the above

Makes you wonder why Patty hasn't figured this one out yet, doesn't it?

Mgt said...

All of the above, Breezy.

Plus the fact that the woman is delusional..she doesn't think her husband watches Baywatch. GMAB!

No honey, you are way better looking than those girls running around in bathing suits!

Flippin' heck! She is Ted's twin!

Anonymous said...

Thanks to Loretta and CG for covering this trial. I can't figure out why it's being ignored by the national media!

Do we have any word yet? Is the jury still out this morning (Monday)? Did they work all weekend?

Teresa in Chicago

CountryGirl said...

No word yet. I will get a call as soon as they have a verdict. Judge Arnold is giving the family and attorneys a 2 hour notice to get to the courthouse. I am hoping for today!

I don't know if they sequestered the jury or not.

loretta said...

Breezy, I take answer B.

He clearly wanted a meal ticket. He may or may not have been OK with kids, and might have gotten the snip snip to stop it.

He was much more interested in a steady income flow and nice digs than he was concerned with fertility.

Perhaps, like his pea pod twin, Peterson, he was averse to having kids because they would cramp his style, I don't think he used that criterion in choosing a Sugar Mamma.

My opinion he was looking for nice digs, someone to enable him, adoration, unconditional love and eternal devotion. He got it.

loretta said...

And the fact that she was in her late 40s and not likely to reproduce didn't hurt a bit.

tamiann said...

Thank you for keeping us up to date on the verdict situation, CG

I will keep checking back to see if you heard anything.

Did the jury start deliberating right at 9:00 a.m. or are they on CA Docket time. e.g., come late, go home early, stay home if there is a cloud in the sky? :)

CountryGirl said...

I would imagine they started at 9am and go until 5:30 when they close the courthouse.

BTW--I was listening again to Friday's J&K Show and the email written by a former co-worker of CB. He/She said that there was plenty of OT but CB chose not to work it; he preferred to go surfing. So Patty was fired and instead of taking up the slack, CB was turning down time and a half so he could go surfing. Not to mention it would helped with the CS that was such a hardship on him.

Nadine said...

What a shameless slacker.

Breezy said...

It would be nice to get a verdict today. I can't imagine the anguish that Sarah, her family and friends are feeling. I am sure CG and Loretta are anxious also.

It is probably a good thing the media did not jump on this case or we would have to deal with Mr. Ego and his tired rants over and over. It is bad enough putting up with Ted and the little attention Egoboy's PR team has managed to garner. Then again, Ted's foolishness of posting every possible defense they could imagine did help the prosecution prepare a better case, I think. The pros were certainly prepared for anything the hapless defense threw out there.

tamiann said...

Drats! It looks like no verdict today since it is after 5:30 p.m. PST. I do hope this is not an indicator that there is a hung jury.

loretta said...

I think the longer they're out, the worse it looks for the defendant, but you never know.

They have to be pretty careful so there's no appellate issues. I'm being optimistic.

Back when we first started discussing this case last summer (in July, on my blog and on Usenet), Ted Kaldis was making a lot of statements about the case that turned out to be totally bogus. It's no wonder he disappeared recently.

Anonymous said...

In many cases where it is cut and dry motive and verdict, the jury can be swayed to adjorn early. In this case you have to wonder if the "guilty" scream from the passer bys may have changed some of the jury, or if there is some argument for a mistrial or a hung jury. Time will tell, but as we all wish for this to be guilty, I still have some doubt that they can prove this beyond a reasonable doubt. There is too much to totally convict him, even though he most likely will be convicted, I am still not sure if he will hang.

Ronni said...

He's not going to hang. He'll get life, at the most. The prosecution did not seek the death penalty.

The evidence may be circumstantial, but, most evidence in most cases is.

Mgt said...

I'm guessing there is a unanimous decision by now.

The Jury has decided to go home and sleep on it. If no-one has changed their mind by this morning, CG will get her phone call.

I hope I'm right!


Breezy said...

I think Mr. Ego was hoping to cause a reason for a mistrial by insuring the jury knew of the "guilty" scream. If they hadn't heard it when it occurred, he was not going to let that detail get in the way. He made sure to make issue of it in his closing. No matter, he can't truly believe that his intentional rant could save his client and give him another excuse to steal a house, or could he?

The jury is probably just going over every detail and taking their time. There is no hurry, they do not want to be accused of rushing to judgement and it's not Friday yet. If Friday comes and goes, I'll get concerned. However it seems cruel to force the family of such an innocent victim to wait just to appease the defense attornies and media that will be there for the verdict. In Florida, two days is a very long wait. I believe they said 1 day is the average in even a DP case during the Barber trial. But in FL, there are no weekends off, long lunches or dark Fridays. Often the jurors work through the night, if sequestered.

CountryGirl said...

Well, he can't use it on appeal (my client's right to a fair trial was compromised when someone yelled 'Guilty' during the crime scene visit) when he used it in his own closing argument.

loretta said...

The jury requested a tape recorder to hear the 911 tape. This is the only time they heard Brown's voice; major piece of evidence. (Rehasing the 911 tape gist)...hiked down to nude beach, borrowed phone, heard him apologizing to nekkid men; that he's sorry. His lack of emotion key to prosectution's case; very calm, takes a long time for them to figure out where he is. He was too detached and unemotional.

(Playing the 911 call on KFI now.)

No verdict yet.

Captain Joe said...

Fawley changes plea to guilty to M2 and will get 30 years. Child porn charges dropped.

CountryGirl said...

Hi Joe!

Please light your candles tonight!

I think this is AWESOME NEWS that they wanted to hear the 911 tape. It is DAMNING!

CountryGirl said...

Ok, SF said the only other evidence requested by the jury were the powerpoint presentations of Hayes and Yamaguchi.

Ken (John is on a cruise) predicts a guilty verdict tomorrow.

Charlie said...

That 911 tape backs up his behavior. There is no way you can mistake the absence of panic, fear,or sorrow.

For heaven sake, he said "sorry" to one of the nekkid guys. That sounds like an apology to me. He was more worried about the fact that the police were going to show up and they would need to get their clothes on.

CountryGirl said...

Yes, Craig Hum reminded them that not once did he say "Hurry up" "Come On". There was NO urgency in his voice at all. He was breathless. Yet when Jeff Leslie asked him how he managed to run down the cliff and back up and over to Lauren without getting any scratches, he said he ran--but he was careful.

Breezy said...

Amazing how CB was careful not to get a scratch on himself but was not careful enough to keep an ey on his 4 year old according to his own statements to police! There is no chance the jury can come back with less than guilty of second degree and when you consider the 911 tape and his complete lack of urgency and apology to the nudist but blaming a 4 year old for her own death, he will surely be found guilty of first degree with special circumstances. I think tomorrow might be a good day for the verdict also.

holmes said...

I'm keeping the faith, it's a good sign they want to hear the 911 call. He sounds like a by-stander, not a parent of a 4 year old that fell off a cliff.

Any parent would have been in the water getting their child out of the water. Screaming call 911 the entire time.

Not cool and calm. With chuckling.

Cam's sunk. Just a matter of how long he spends in prison.

High times are over for Ted. He better start looking for a cheap studio somewhere.

tamiann said...

Yes, I'm feeling quite hopeful that the jury requests are good signs for a conviction.

I had not heard the 911 tape played before today on KFI. Certainly, there was no panic or sense of urgency in SB's voice. I didn't quite hear a chuckle, but a heh! as he was talking to the naked men on the beach.

I wonder why CB thought it was approriate to take his 4 yr old daughter to a point overlooking a nude beach? Why he wanted his daughter to see a nude gay beach? Seems CB himself is quite familiar with that spot. He knew enough to find his way down the side of the cliff to the beach area.

Perhaps Ted's homophobia orginated with his own bro-in-law?

Mgt said...

Most people on this Jury will probably find it impossible to believe than anyone, never mind a parent, is capable of such a heinous act.

Just thinking about it, is more than most people can bear.

They will eventually get to the point where they realise this pig was capable.

His lack of reaction, the tapes and the fact that he blamed Lauren, will convince them beyond a reasonable doubt!

Anonymous said...
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Breezy said...

I can't remember who told me, but a friend once said that some parents-- particularly mothers raise peacocks instead of sons. They can't seem so see beyond their own beautiful feathers to realize that there is a world out there. These peacocks become so enamored by their own feathers that nothing else matters and the rest of the world was designed just to show them off. When something gets in their way, it is that objects fault it is destroyed. It got in the way. And yes, to the peacock, everything is an object, nothing has more or less value than another because only the peacock is important, everything else is just part of the supporting cast.

I suppose this is a nice way of saying what Loretta has been saying all along. These men are narcissists-- peacocks, mind you. They strut around and destroy what gets in their way while blaming everything else for being in his way.

Mgt said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Mgt said...

You certainly got that right, Breezy.

To be void of all empathy, is just unbelievable. Cam must have been the only person (apart from GerEgo) during this Trial,who felt absolutely nothing for Lauren or her Mother.

That says it all!

CG, please delete my previous comment. I shouldn't have taken the bait!

CountryGirl said...

I took care of if Mgt.

Mgt said...

Thanks CG!

I hope there is a verdict today. The waiting is awful! Poor Sarah!

Breezy said...

I promised not to get concerned unless Friday comes and goes without a verdict but the wait is painful, even for me. I can't imagine how Sarah is holding up. Having to wait all these years just to get to trial was so torturous and now waiting on the verdict has got to be sleepless nights and endless days. I pray for her and keep the candle burning.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
CountryGirl said...

Nice try, GerEgos.

loretta said...

The jury is taking a long time. Makes us all nervous, I'm sure.

I think I have an essay I can revisit that might be relevant here about the defense case.


Mgt said...

why would they take so long? This is making me nervous that the verdict may not be as cut and dry as we hoped. Time will tell I guess.

loretta said...

I had to write it from scratch after all.

New entry ^^^^^

Mgt said...

6:08 PM, is not me!