Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Background of California v. Brown

This past April, Mark Geragos, attorney for Cameron John Brown, accused of pushing his four-year-old daughter, Lauren, off a 120-foot cliff at “Inspiration Point,” filed a Motion to Set Aside Indictment Pursuant to Penal Code 995. The motion was denied, and Brown’s trial is scheduled for October.

The 995 Motion contained some very good background material on the case and a preview of the defense strategy, as well as the usual irrelevant rhetoric borrowed from the Flat Earth Society regarding the scientific method employed to test the theory that Lauren was thrown from the cliff rather than ran headlong off the edge or slipped while throwing stones (depending on which version of Brown’s story you heard). Before we review the 995 Motion and the background story of how Lauren and her dad came to be at Inspiration Point on November 8, 2000, here are a few “character references” submitted by Brown’s friends, posted on a website (Excerpts of the support letters in italics.)

One trait that has stood out, is his volunteer efforts to friends, acquaintances, and sometimes strangers alike.

helping a neighbor with moving, engine work or yard work.

Sounds a little like Scott the Renaissance Kid.

We shared a love of skateboarding, snow skiing, camping and other outdoor sports.

He was always into something- one time it was VW buses. Then it was a deuce-and-a-half old army truck.

We have hiked and biked all over Colorado and Utah. Cam is definitely an outdoor enthusiast and wants to share his love of the outdoors with everyone he meets.

Every time Cam and I would get together it feels like my life would shift into high gear and some type of adventure would ensue.

Here's a guy who always wrote Lisa and I a "Thank-you" letter after he would come out for a visit to go fishing, skiing, snow boarding, hiking...

he informed me that he had sold his car and purchased a sail boat on which he would be residing. "How very Cam!" I thought to myself.

Cam showed up at my house driving a 1950's army truck ... a HUGE army truck with ten tires! That's right, Cam didn't go 4 wheeling (that's for average folk), he went 10 wheeling!

Do you see a pattern, here? It sounds as though Cam liked toys; expensive toys and freedom.

One thing I remember about Cam was making sure his grandmother got her swiss chard.

Well, at least he had a real grandmother.

Always remembers birthday and Christmas greetings. He returns phone calls when he says he will and makes an effort at keeping friends.

can't wait to have Cam meet him and spend time with [my son], I would never think twice about having my son spend time with Cam alone or when he is old enough to even go out camping etc.

He plays with our two kids and I've witnessed him being real lovable with all animals.

Reminiscent of testimony in the Peterson penalty phase, here's good old Uncle Cam. It’s easy to be fun with kids and pets that are temporary and not your responsibility.

We discussed many things, and he helped me understand the true meaning of life. That was enjoying the finer things of life, but not living to lavishly.

Is that the meaning of life according to Cam Brown? Fascinating!

He was always nice and respectful to others and will always be one person who should be free to continue his mission of goodwill.

I wouldn't be surprised if that idea was taken from one of Brown's letters from jail. He has a spiritual mission, you know.

Cam has always had a good paying job and he was never desperate for money. Cam was never the type to have want or need for a lot of money. The whole theory by these detectives is absurd.

I disagree. The numerous accounts of his freewheeling and extravagant lifestyle would be severely impacted by a $1,000 a month child support award. Lauren was going to cramp his style, undermine his new marriage, and create a significant hardship to a guy like Brown. So much so that he believed that the only solution was to eliminate the problem permanently.

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