Wednesday, May 13, 2015

A Final Poem for Lauren

An innocent child with uninhibited affection,
each moment now crystallized,
each experience magnified by its brevity.

We still miss your radiance,
We miss you as the days burn into humid twilights,
and into the long, light evenings.

There will always be a space where you left,

and we summon your voice:
lilting, sweet, rhythmic.

We linger in the memories;
they are but silent shadows 
of a forever summer etched in our hearts.


Anonymous said...

Well Well Well....
What on earth is the Kooky Kaldis Klan going to do now? After all the rhetoric, all the assumptions, all that work on the 'freecambrown' websites...
Come on Ted! Whats up Patty? I want to see you twins put your money where your mouth is and get this conviction evaluated and reversed! After all, he was ACQUITTED last time around..right Ted? Put your money where your mouth is!!

cynicalhedonist said...

I had to comment here because...ALAS!!
For some strange reason I was not able to post a comment on any of the 'freecambrown' websites...Technical malfunction? I think not...probably just too much piling on... But I figured the KKK would be monitoring this website, so I am sure they will see it... A response? Not likely...

Compuelf said...

For some reason, the Pro-Cam page ceased allowing comments some time ago. If there is a reason behind it, I never figured it out.

I'm glad this matter is finally over. While I firmly believed Cameron committed murder, there was a part of me that held out some hope that he didn't. It looks like the evidence proved beyond a reasonable doubt that he did murder his daughter.

Anonymous said...

isnt teddy beer going to write a book about it?

Anonymous said...

YEEEE HAWWWW!!! I cant wait to go to Los Angeles, have a nice dinner, stay in a nice room and get up to go to the courthouse to watch this monster get PUT AWAY FOR THE REST OF HIS NATURAL BORN LIFE!!! For 12 long years I have followed every blog, every post, every news article, every ounce of information i could possibly find about this case. The first thing I did every morning when I woke up was check the status of this case. After 12 long years, JUSTICE IS SERVED!! I am going to make a holiday out of watching this scumbag go away FOREVER! It will also be nice to be in the courtroom and watch patty & teddy watch in dismay as their 'pet project cammy' goes down HARD!! Looking forward to it! HOOORAY!

Anonymous said...

Umm, I was just going to say that was a beautiful poem about a sweet little girl, as I'm sure she was. Really, your poem captured the essence of the pain that never dies, just changes with time. I'm sorry for your loss in such an unthinkable manner.

These comments on here are strange? Are we on the same planet?

Anonymous said...

You people sick. Cameron innocent!

Anonymous said...

It is my one year anniversary of testifying against cam in his trial! I am so glad I helped throw this sociopathic, lying, murdering, child killing, piece of shit under the bus, I hope he is getting his just desserts at Wasco!! I wonder why they have not found permanent housing for him yet? Is it because every single con in every single prison in California wants a piece of him? Must be hard to keep him safe from the other innmates so as not violate cams 'civil rights'. Im just glad I helped throw that MF under the bus.
Rot in hell cam!

Anonymous said...

Later!! Is cam a junkie now or did some convict try to give him a HOTSHOT?
Later!! No NEED!!

Prison sucks..huh cam?

this sucks...
Later! Im in a prison hospital!
No Need
huh...later what happened cam?
Why you at corcoran in the hospital?
Someone try to git at you?