Friday, April 24, 2015

Jon Hans' Change of Heart

Jon Hans appeared as a witness for the prosecution (again) in the current trial of California v. Brown, and repeated the story that refreshed my memory about how we were inadvertently involved in this case through my former blog. For those of you too busy to cull the archives here, allow me to summarize what occurred.

CountryGirl obtained a copy of the Grand Jury transcript back in the early days of the case, and we made it available to anyone who wanted it. Jon Hans emailed me requesting a copy, as did dozens of others. Apparently, Hans was one of the people who wrote a support letter for Brown that was published on Ted Kaldis's "Free Cam Brown" website. After reading the transcript, researching the area of Inspiration Point, and exchanging emails with me (and perhaps other people), Hans had a change of heart regarding Brown's innocence. He requested on numerous occasions for Kaldis to remove his letter from the website.

Kaldis refused. He was such a nice guy. (/sarcasm) If Kaldis had removed the letter right away, perhaps that would have been enough for Hans. He may never have pursued a more damaging remedy.

When Hans described to me the story that Patty Brown was the instigator of the child abuse accusations and plans to obtain full custody of Lauren, while Cam Brown seemed indifferent to the idea, we encouraged him to contact Detective Leslie. Hans had other experiences with the defendant that seemed valuable to the case. Eventually, he was called as a witness in the second trial and has now appeared in the third.

In the second trial, then defense attorney Pat Harris made quite a big deal out of Hans using the internet (and my blog) to sway his opinion. Harris never actually mentioned me by name (thank goodness), but I know he and Geragos and their associates were no strangers to my work.

Hans was very close to Brown for many years, and it was difficult for him to accept that Brown was capable of murdering his child. From his testimony in the third trial, he seems even more adamant in his belief and probably did a lot of damage to Brown's case. We have Kaldis to thank.


loretta said...


Laub gives an example, if you have a four year old, who takes a running start, and throws a rock...

From the cross of Dr. Chinwah in trial 3.

Compuelf said...

Pure desperation on the part of Team Cam.

Anonymous said...

Jon was forced to lie. He know cameron innocent.