Monday, April 20, 2015

Third Trial for Cameron Brown

After six  years of inactivity, former ski bum, surfer and baggage handler Cameron Brown is standing trial for the third time for the alleged intentional murder of his then four-year-old daughter, Lauren Key by throwing her off a cliff in Rancho Palos Verdes back in November 2000; what seems like a hundred years ago.

If you are just discovering this site from a search engine like Google, please look at the archives. We have documented this case from the beginning, and none of the facts have changed.

If Crag Hum can't convince a jury this time, Brown will (finally) walk. But not without having served significantly more time than he would have if he had plead to involuntary manslaughter. Whoever advised him to take this case to trial (Mark Geragos? Ted Kaldis? Beuhler?) should perhaps open a restaurant or write a screenplay.

I will follow the trial with CountryGirl and post my observations, for whoever is interested.



An article from November 2014 I found on HuffPost, clearly instigated by Patty and Ted Kaldis (who obviously supplied the photos), was a sympathetic and fair chronology of the trial. However, it still smacks of the narcissistic paranoia prevalent in this case, as it implies that a Superior Court Judge and an entire justice system would conspire to keep Cam Brown in jail. It's just absurd. Brown's legal representation has done him a disservice (at best). It should have plead him out long ago.

Stay tuned.

HuffPost Article


loretta said...

Just an observation from reading Sprocket's blog concerning the trial - the defense this time is quite a step below Geragos & Geragos caliber. He seems like a nice guy, but he's all alone, files his motions late, and seems a little weak for this case. Who knows? Maybe the jury will pity him.

loretta said...

From the defense opening statement:

The only source of this kind of information, about the adoption, will only come from one witness, and the mother, who's going through the custody child support issue.

Put Cam Brown on the stand.

Veronica Prior said...

Wouldn't it be great if he did take the stand? Still, he is no Jason Young, with salesmanship skills and chutzpah...